10 cosmetic uses of vegetable glycerine you need to know

10 cosmetic uses of vegetable glycerine you need to know. Many cosmetic products on the market contain Glycerin known also as glycerol. This product is derived from oils of vegetable or fruit and is commonly used in the beauty industry. Vegetable glycerin is economical, effective and has many uses. If you are tired of trying different creams and do not get results, glycerin is the answer.

The glycerin can buy er certain herbalists or drug stores. Usually vegetable glycerin It extracted from palm oil or coconut oil. It is a colorless liquid odorless, dissolves readily in water and alcohol. It is also a hypoallergenic so you can use all skin types. One of its main properties is its high power hydration because it is highly moisturizing. You can mix it with your day cream and night usual or mixed with water. Vegetable glycerin is also perfect for acne because it is antibacterial. In this case you can mix the vegetable glycerine with cream or product you use acne so you can prevent pimples and soothe them once they are gone. Being a product antibacterial It helps us to keep clean and free of unwanted impurities rest. Acne or oily skin causes pimples and blackheads appear on the skin. Fight is quite complicated, but if you follow a routine scrupulous beauty and add glycerol, your skin will be free blackhead.

Vegetable glycerin also serves to combat the wrinkles. By providing both skin hydration, helps prevent them. Mix glycerin with your wrinkle cream or applied with water in a spray and pulverizas on the face both morning and night. Increasingly women use this first touch before makeup to last longer. A good alternative is glycerol. By having a dense texture makes makeup set much better and lasts longer hours. Glycerin is an ideal ingredient heal wounds. Its high moisturizing helps regenerate the skin and to nourish it. It can be used for stretch marks or acne scars. On the other hand, glycerol also helps prevent and combat dry skin. It can be used as a soap to provide more moisture to the skin of the body.

Vegetable glycerin is also suitable for hair. If you see your hair off without light, mixing glycerol with your conditioner and you’ll see the results. Your hair is more silky, soft and shiny. Glycerin also helps Once a week apply a mask on your hair glycerine, leave about 15 minutes, wash your hair and dandruff gradually will fade.

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