10 ways to get wavy hair without plates

Would you like it boast soft curls and waves voluptuous? For in Ella Today we show 10 ways to get wavy hair without plates, avoiding subjecting the hair to the stress of excessive temperatures and obtaining the same result.

And with the plates, at the end you gradually ruining my hair. We assure an extremely natural definition and hair without frizz with our advice. As we show you how to get a smooth hair without using the plates, today we will for waves unique new tricks and secrets.

wavy hair without using the diffuser plates

Dry with a diffuser is one of the golden rules for curly or wavy hair. To achieve a natural finish having worked hairstyle and hair. To get started, Dry your hair with head down. All you have to do is enter the hair in the diffuser and leave a few minutes. It uses average temperature, not too hot to avoid damaging hair. When you are noticing dry up head and with your fingers, gently hollowing hair and ready. For better fixation, grab a foam or hair gel to look after the health of your hair.

Undulate without iron: The method of spiral

After washing your hair and still damp (not wet), collects hair in a kind of spiral as we show in the photo. Let act a 4 or 6 hours to get curls without heat. You can even sleep with him. The result will surprise you.

Sleeping with braids

There is nothing more effective than sleep with braids to obtain super natural waves. This is one of the oldest and most popular methods that even our grandmothers. So that the result is even better, get yourself two braids, one on each side of the head, taking into account the hairline. The next morning you will be amazed with the result.

Curls with flexible curlers

More practical than traditional curlers, flexible curlers are able to give a beautiful hair movement. Get as many as you want, everything will depend on the amount of curl you prefer. For some bulkier curls, use large curlers. Keep them for 3 or 4 hours and remove, attach them with lacquer. You can also use the famous thermal rollers that are causing sensation (only if you gave up trying curl without heat).

waved hair band

We worked on this occasion on dry hair. Choose a band headband so that it is smooth and supple on the front. After dividing the hair into sections and roll around the same band. In just three hours your hair is wavy and defined.

wavy hair with sock

Use the sock and foam to achieve the desired effect. Cut the tip of the sock that is open on both sides and become a high ponytail. Ponte then facedown and froths. Then put the sock and roll the hair from ends, creating a kind of bun. In just six hours wavy hair and you will have forgotten forever plates.

No heat curl finger

Immediately after washing your hair, divide into two sections on each side with still wet hair and creates a kind of braids spiraling finger. Leave for 3 or 4 hours. When you go to drop, use your fingers to fluff it and apply lacquer for fixing. The result? A more natural waves.

Make a bun

Do yourself a low but well subject to sleep with him bow and you are not quite so simple. For a more noticeable effect become two monkeys, one on each side, without forgetting the side on which the soles wear stripe for best results.

Curl up with a bandanna

Get yourself two or three headbands, one hair accessories seen on the catwalks for this spring with silk scarves. It is a kind of fine handkerchiefs or pieces of cloth made from an old shirt. Wrapped around small tufts of hair. The result is much more natural than you think, and over Lasts!

The method of forks

Do you like tight and big curls? Use as many pins as you can and create them into a chignon sort of fills you hair. The result, after a few hours, it will be amazing. Even if you do not bother, you can sleep with him. Fixed hair when released with some hairspray.

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