24 ideas for quick and easy hairstyles [PHOTOS]

24 ideas for quick and easy hairstyles. Often we do not have time to make a proper hairstyle or just not &# 8220; we have grace&8221; for certain looks, but really there are many hairstyles, such as braids, ponytails or chignons that serve for any occasion and are easy to make. Discover with us how to look beautiful and spectacular with 24 hairstyles.

simple hairstyles for all hair types

Or simply for an unforgettable look to change overnight, you can choose many kinds of hairstyles to suit all types of cuts, hair types or length. Then you have the 24 most beautiful and easy hairstyles to make the point:

1- If your hair is rebellious and you can not keep it tidy, adds a simple headband and leaves some loose strands at the front. You can also opt for a handkerchief and tie in hand behind the head.

2- If you want to take a rocker look and do not want to go unnoticed, make a false crest on the top of the head and hair on the sides you can close at the bottom with a rubber band.

3-A is very easy combing make a braid and roll into a bun.

4- An elegant and at the same time always hairstyle is a tail turned on itself hair.

5-To achieve quick and perfect hairstyle for every day, the hair divided into two parts and make a simple knot (or wound) hair twice and finally fixed with clips.

6-A fun idea is to make a low and tied with a colorful scarf bow. Perfect for spring and summer hairstyle.

Commitment 7- elegant and refined semirecogido: after undulate your hair, take two front locks and wind it on themselves and then fixed on the back with bobby pins.

8-Retro hairstyles They are perfect for those seeking a different look, to create one quickly, taking a lock of hair and wind it on one side of the head and fixed with bobby pins.

9- need only five minutes to achieve a low with the help of a ring-shaped sponge (this type of accessories sell in perfumeries and hairdressing salons) bun. You can give an extra touch with small braids on the sides of the head and then wrapped around the bun.

10- The high ponytail is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles woman, chard figure and keeps hair in order. To show a different queue, you can have small bands along the length of the queue. So you create an effect of multiple ponytails in one.

11- Divide the hair into two strands and anudas each other for a simple and original ponytail, a perfect hairstyle for every day.

12- A high ponytail you can enrich with a braid if you want to have a perfect hairstyle for an important occasion.

13- In order to make more elegant and special a simple ponytail hides the rubber with a lock of hair rolled and then with invisible fixing buckles.

14- Another hairstyle that you used to any occasion is to make a low ponytail, but one side of the head.

15- Do you want a simple and quick look hairstyle? Go back ponytail inward and ready; It is a special and original hairstyle in which the hair is tied in a ponytail and then turns to paste in a few minutes you’ll get a perfect hairstyle for a date, for example.

16- T wave or wavy hair It is a trend that never goes out of fashion, they are perfect for quick and original hairstyles as high tails or semirecogidos. To make these waves simply you must braids your hair and then move the iron. Then you get rid braids and you have waves.

17- It is the ingenious and daring hairstyle is to make ponytails with braids throughout the hair.

18- If your hair tends to be smooth, do a double ponytail, one on top of the head and one in the center, then open hands to create volume.

19- If you want to look a romantic hairstyle and elegant makes a braid crown shaped, such hairstyle is suitable for all hair types.

20- The very long hair, can be collected in a high ponytail and then make bulkier the top of the head and can finally hide the rubber wrapping the hair around.

21- Sino want to tie your hair can choose to make a braid on one side of the head with slightly disheveled appearance. Fixed with a rubber end of the braid or loop.

22- If you want to bring a youthful hairstyle, divide the hair into two parts, do parted in the middle and make two braids on the sides.

2. 3- The brushed aside They are preferred by many stars, put all the hair on one side and assured with forks behind the head. Fixed with lacquer.

24- Enrich semirecogidos adding a loop, a brooch or pin strass.

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