4 tips to tone and firm sagging breasts

Age, genetics and occasionally luck can play tricks on us in regard to the anatomy of the breasts. The breast flaccidity It is a natural process that happens at the time when the breasts lose their elasticity and flexibility. Although usually not normally happen before 40, there may be cases where a drop of more premature breast appreciate. Weight loss, poor diet and the use of an ill-fitting bra are factors that can contribute to this fall.

Having no muscle in this area of ​​the body breasts need proper care to keep them in good shape. There are several recommendations to prevent sagging and restore firmness so you can show off a more beautiful breasts. Here we are 4 tips to get a firm bust:

1. Exercise

Firming the breasts through sport is a very effective solution. The swimming It is a great exercise with which to reaffirm the chest thanks to all the efforts made with that body part. Exercises with lightweight dumbbells while you raise and lower your arms laterally a box for 15 minutes several repetitions will help you tone your breasts. In addition, pushups, that focus exercise in the pectoral area can visibly improve tone.

2. Hydrate

Care and skin hydration is more than necessary in this part of the body. The loss of collagen and elastin are one of the main reasons why the breasts cease to have that initial firmness. A good choice of hydration in this area is the applying olive oil. It is a rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids with great potential to reverse the damage caused by free radicals (accelerate aging of the skin) and prevent sagging breasts. Apply for this oil on your hands and massaging the breasts upward movements for 15 minutes to promote the flow of blood. Repeat this trick at 4 or 5 times a week. You’ll notice the difference.

3. Ice massage

The massages temperature contrasts as cold They are one of the most effective natural firming the skin. To do this you Wrap a couple of ice on a plastic, followed by a towel or a rag finite, not entirely isolate the cold. Once prepared, begin to apply it in a circular motion on the breasts without touching the nipple. done upward movements inside out for a maximum of one minute. If you keep the ice longer in the skin can end up causing you tingle. Perform it intermittently for a long time, drying your breasts after each application and immediately putting a bra that properly fill. It remains in a reclined position for 30 minutes. You must be very consistent with this exercise since the results will begin to be visible in the long term.

4. Mask with egg

Prepare a mask with egg, a tablespoon of plain yogurt and honey. Apply on your breasts and then leave it on for an estimated 20 minutes. When finished, rinse them with cold water. The effectiveness of the egg in this trick is amazing. This is a key food thanks to its astringents and nutritional properties. The lipids present in the egg also help Tersar loose skin around your breasts. So do it once or twice a week.

Apart from this, control feed, and our weight is imperative task to maintain good firm bust. Lacking own muscles, the breasts have to stand straight by the joint action of the pectoral and abdominal muscles. It is at the time when there is excess fat in these areas when the breasts tend to sag and become more flaccid. If you want to prevent or cure, it’s never too late. Take advantage of these natural remedies and looks without sagging breasts.

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