5 benefits of capillary botox

Not long ago we told the capillary bótox novel technique for hair. Despite containing the word bótox in its name, it is noteworthy that not injected into the scalp, but a treatment through capsules that applied directly to the hair through massage and heat. Hydration technique of hair with immediate and visible results, hence the success we’re having.

Seduced by these treatments is very easy. So here we tell you what the 5 Benefits of capillary bótox:

1. secured Hydration

Hydration is the main asset of the capillary bótox. Its high protein concentration acts on each hair reaching to the depths, hydrates from root to tip. Not only it does internally, but hydration will be visible throughout the hair. This treatment is able to combat dryness, restoring vitality to the most damaged and wilted tips. Thus a smooth, silky and elastic hair will be achieved.

2. Regenerating Hair

Among the properties that the capillary bótox provides also highlights its ability to regrow hair and avoid frizz. Resorting to bótox is the ideal solution for combat dryness, which causes hair to expand in search of moisture and creates an unsightly result frizz effect. Blister applied acts intensely and restructures the hair strand getting your hair back to its natural appearance.

3. Suitable for all hair types

A treatment does not exclude any type of hair. The capillary can bótox applied even dyed hair. The results will undoubtedly vary depending on the type of hair. For example, curly manes define loops while rolling scalps reduce the excess volume or frizz. In straight hair, meanwhile, achieved an increase of silkiness. Undoubtedly, the capillary bótox allows its application, the Hair recovers the hair structure, thus creating a nice regenerating effect and providing easier brushing.

4. Instant results

The most beneficial of these treatments is the immediacy of results. You will notice that your hair has regained its vitality from the first use. And the best? You do not have to worry about aplicártelo continuously. Ideally, listen to the needs of your hair and make such treatment every 5 months approximately. Is the average time you can enjoy its benefits.

5. Economic

This treatment is much cheaper than others, its implementation and its duration. The person you choose to treat your hair with hair bótox may do so for starting price of 20 euros, without increasing costs parallel with other treatments, since it is not necessary to buy special products. Its effect is not lost if you are also taking care of the hair with other moisturizing treatments.

The use of capillary bótox does not require specific care later. Suffice it to wash your hair with shampoo suited to your hair type and use a mask once or twice a week to keep it in perfect condition. You sign up?

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