5 Benefits of seawater skin in summer

The beach is a place we go to get away from the routine, relax our mind and give intimate evening walks. But what few people know is that it is a kind of public resort, where our skin thank each of the bathrooms than we in their waters. We tell you the 5 Benefits of seawater skin in summer.

It helps with blood circulation

One of the main benefits is that activates the circulatory system, which means that avoid the appearance of premature aging. But not only that, but this water is also used for thalassotherapy, healing method that revitalizes your body with seawater.

Just with acne

If you have problems with acne, the beach will be your fastest, most economical and effective solution. Containing salt causes pimples drying out upon contact with air. You just have to give a daily bath for a week to observe a significant improvement.

Improves allergies

Summer brings many allergies, either pollen or to any particular plant. The sea water is perfect for soothe skin, relieve itching and remove small rashes they can show up.

Heals wounds

Whether you have a small scratch as a major wound, seawater will help you heal. You may ever have heard your parents or your grandparents say that water with salt heals everything … and why they had! Salt Beach accelerate the healing process precipitously, so you can forget having to cure it daily.

Reduces inflammation

Salt water also has a relaxing effect. Whether we swam as if we walked along the shore, we’ll be much quieter home. But this will not happen only with our body in general, but also with our skin in particular. You’ll help release pores and to take all oxygen you need, reducing any swelling you can submit.

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