5 Possible symptoms of vaginal infections

    Along the menstrual cycle the vagina undergoes a series of changes They considered within normal limits. However, there are others who must pay special attention, as they can be symptom some kind of disorders. Let’s look more closely, what are the 5 signs they can alert us to a possible vaginal infection or vaginitis. In this case, do not underestimate the symptoms and consult your doctor What is the most appropriate treatment to eradicate the infection and, above all, to learn to to prevent possible relapses.

    1. Abnormal flow

    The flow may change color, from the white, yellowish to greenish, or give off a certain unpleasant odor. In either case, most likely case of a fungal infection, virus or bacteria.

    2. vulvar itching

    The itching sensation can result from an allergy or a irritation produced by the use of soaps, toilet paper, tampons, among others. It may also be indicative of a vaginal infection, especially if it is accompanied by unusual discharge.

    3. Redness and irritation

    Two annoying symptoms affecting the vaginal area and they are usually a sign fungal infection. In more severe cases may even cause swelling labia. increased urination may also occur.

    4. Painful urination

    It is one of the common symptoms of trichomoniasis, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. In addition it is accompanied by other symptoms such as increased flow, vaginal odor and irritation of the genital area. In some cases it may also appear abdominal pain in the lower abdomen.

    5. Pain to maintain intimate relationships

    Another sign we can alert of a possible infection is that intimate relations partner can be painful. The cause is also due to inflammation of the vagina. It should be borne in mind that, in some cases, vaginal infections such as candidiasis may occur without apparent symptoms.

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