5 Tips to start practicing yoga at home

    He yoga It is an ancient discipline that helps us maintain physical and emotional balance to ensure our well-being. Yoga, among other benefits, helps us reduce stress, declared enemy of health, anxiety and stress, and to recover Energy and to improve concentration. Other recognized benefits is to help relieve certain pains such as those caused by arthritis. It is recommended for adults and children discipline and, in the case of women, is also highly recommended practice during pregnancy, adapting exercises a month of gestation. One of the benefits of yoga is that you can practice at home.

    1. Organize a space

    earmarks corner of the house the practice of yoga. To do this, you must be a space that, first, allows us to move and perform various postures (asanas) without problems. It must also be a welcoming space, free of obstacles and to transmit serenity (you can put incense, candles&# 8230;).

    2. yoga mat and wooden floor

    Are two tips to consider before you start practicing yoga. On the one hand, yoga mat It is practical and we can pick it up when we finish the session. It is also advisable to use a pair of knee pads and, if possible, the floor be elected from wood, warmer.

    3. Opt for a style

    You can choose the yoga style that best conform to your needs, from the most common, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga meditation if we want to strengthen. Before beginning yoga at home it is advisable to make a couple of sessions with a yoga teacher for better start us.

    4. Start with light exercise

    As with any physical activity, it is necessary to adapt the type of exercise and the intensity the physical condition. Yoga requires patience, since it is not an exercise routine performed routinely, but finding the balance between physical and emotional wellbeing. Yoga respect the time demands of the body.

    5. Music and Meditation

    The music not only relaxes but it helps to practice physical exercise and, of course, yoga. Music serves to create a cozy environment suitable for yoga. In addition, at the end of the session, do not forget to spend a few minutes meditation. Sit the floor, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

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