8 alcohol for celiac gluten

    Follow one GFD It is the only effective treatment for celiac disease control, known permanent gluten intolerance cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats. Diet that includes foods like drinks, since some of them are made with cereals. If we are coeliacs, and always with moderation, Can we drink alcohol ?, which are prohibited and which are permitted? Before consuming any beverage should check the label to confirm that it does not contain any gluten. Similarly, beware of mixing drinks if you know its composition. Let’s see what the alcoholic beverages without gluten.

    1. Geneva

    While it is true that barley is part of the Geneva, during the distillate it is removed the vast majority of its protein content of gluten, allowing be taken by celiac patients.

    2. Tequila

    He tequila It is obtained from agave. The higher your presence, be pure tequila, which is also allowed to take in case of intolerance to gluten.

    3. Wine

    He came It is obtained from the fermentation of grape, reporting health benefits to include a glass of wine a day in the diet. Moderation is key to its consumption is not harmful.

    4. Aguardiente

    The aguardiantes which are themselves allowed for celiacs are those of fruit, cider Y pear and brandy came (Cognac or brandy). It is important during the distillation process no alcohol or flavoring is added.

    5. Scotch whiskey and vodka

    Formerly part of the list of banned beverages, but thanks to the distilling process in which loses gluten protein They are suitable for consumption, as indicated from the Federation of Celiacs of Spain.

    6. Ron

    He Ron It is also suitable for coeliacs beverage as it is made from distillate sugar cane.

    7. Sidra

    Apple you get the cider, to which is credited with contributing to this drink a lot of antioxidants. In moderation, it can take without problems.

    8. Gluten Free Beer

    Aware of the importance of expanding gluten-free products, the beer industry has also begun to market Specific gluten-free beers. However, before taking a beer checks on the label it is actually reflected that does not contain gluten.

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