Alessandra de Osma: Best beauty looks [PHOTOS]

Peruvian Alessandra de Osma will be part of the German royals soon, because he just promised to Christian de Hannover, the second son of Prince Ernesto de Hannover, remarkable reason every time we see more in the media, because their wedding promises to be &# 8220; the royal wedding&8221; 2018. Nevertheless, she keeps a low profile away from the intensity of the flashes, reflected in their beauty simple, natural and very sophisticated looks. Today we show you the best beauty looks Alessandra de Osma.

known as &# 8220; the Princess of the Andes&8221; according to international press and &8220; Sassa&8221; in his inner circle, Alessandra de Osma is the daughter of model Elizabeth Foy and the Peruvian bourgeois aristocracy of Lima Felipe de Osma Berckemeyer, owner of the security company Hermes. Law degree at the University of Lima, has a Master of Business Administration Fashion in Fashion Business School of the University of Navarra (ISEM), Alessandra de Osma He combines his profession with his passion for fashion. He has worked sporadically for for Missoni and Bottega Veneta and is currently ambassador Suarez jewelry firm. It also works in publishing a book on the history of Peruvian fashion and is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion world.

Beauty looks Alessandra de Osma

As good fashionista, always abreast of the latest trends in beauty, and it shows in their beauty looks simple, but key to create a sophisticated style, befits a future princess.

Likes nude makeup, with light tan tones that highlight their Latin factions, and on special occasions, dares to soft corals or white eyes allowing highlight your look so elegant and sophisticated.

Their hairstyles are within the range of classic without sacrificing the latest trends. He loose long hair parted in the middle is one of his favorite hairstyles, usually carry with light waves add volume and movement. When you have an event and you want to go with her hair, It leads to behind the ears, getting a sophisticated and modern look, we’ve seen a lot in the latest fashion shows. The most sophisticated opt days collected loose chignon or slightly low chignons, that they give a touch of seriousness and maturity.

Do not miss the photo gallery with the best beauty looks Alessandra de Osma.

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