Ana de Armas: makeover with hair pink’s gum!

Ana de Armas: makeover with hair pink’s gum! It seems we already have colored hair star this summer, since they are already several celebrities who have opted for the pink to dye their hair, although not in the same way. If a few days ago was Blanca Suárez which showed us in his account Instagram Wicks of this color had gone, now his partner in “The intership”Ana de Armas which has also chosen this color, only that for all his hair in what looks like a makeover must for his next film.

If this summer you want to be trendy as hair color is concerned, you will not be another to spend the pink, either wicks or the entire hair, because what we are seeing from the famous lately, it is the dye fashion.

A few days ago Blanca Suárez was showing us his Instagram account that had a wicks roses for the summer, but quite subtle and the hair ends, we could better at the premiere of “Passengers lovers” in New York where the actress dressed in Emilio Pucci dazzled.

Well, it seems that this has become fashionable, because now, what was his companion in the series “The intership”Ana de Armas, He also wanted to join this fashion, but in a much more radical way.

Not that I have chosen to wear a pink wig as Vanessa Hudgens did a few days ago, but, it seems, demands of the script, the actress has all hair dyed pink in a clarito tone, as shown to us in His account Instagram.

“Here is SOL! Ready for my next film &# 8220; For a handful of kisses&8221;”, Was the commentary that accompanied this image, so in his new film we will see this look more risky and radical, but it will have to see it live, since this picture has a somewhat strange lights that do not allow us to appreciate good hair color.

Until now, Ana de Armas He had worn a dark mane, although shortly after announcing his separation Marc Clotet, it went to the Californian wicks, with which made the leap to Hollywood, where it seems it will now start working on this film called “For a handful of kisses”.

It remains to be seen what the role is, since the image Ana de Armas in this film it is quite powerful, with this hair color to which we are unaccustomed, looking anyway, which still maintains the roots darker.

So you know, either by requirements of the script or pleasure, this summer is fashionable to wear a touch of pink hair, as they have already done Ana de Armas and Blanca Suárez, Now the question is are you going to dare?

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