Antiojeras: Best for Spring 2016 [PHOTOS]

Antiojeras: Best for spring 2016. With the change of time and early spring nights out, dark circles are appearing. But with a simple concealer we can hide them and even treat them. There are liquid concealers, cream or stick&# 8230; You should always choose the one that is most comfortable for you. Here are the best concealer for spring 2016.

Usually in spring and summer it is when dark circles suffer more due to climate change and to new schedules and rhythms. Dark circles are a purple circles that appear under the eyes. Sometimes they come with bags. Combat dark circles is a struggle. Beauty brands are aware of this problem and increasingly develop more products to meet the hated dark circles. For the season spring / summer 2016 there antiojeras new products very interesting and others are already a classic. When you wear makeup, you never skip the step of applying a concealer. There are people who apply before the base and others later, it depends on your taste.

First you have to choose and apply concealer with basic rules. You must choose the type of corrector you easier. There are several types of products: liquid concealers, cream, stick, pencil&# 8230; If your dark circles tend to be violet it is necessary to use an orange concealer. Concealer should be applied with a small tap with a fingertip. This helps refine the product and distribute it.

For spring 2016, highlights the corrector Effacernes Longue Tenue de Lancôme, has a long-term coverage, natural effect and instantly it helps eliminate signs of stress and fatigue, so it is perfect for dark circles. The legendary Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent, has just launched a limited edition, this corrector is perfect to counter dark circles after a night of partying. Another essential products is the cream concealer CC Cream Eye Covermark, which acts both as concealer as a treatment to prevent and treat dark circles, blemishes and eye bags. With in corrector Naked Skin Urban Decay cover your dark circles you get a very natural way, while the concealer Sephora you get more coverage. With Ultra HD concealer Make Up For Ever your dark circles disappear at once. Visit our photo gallery for best antiojeras of this 2016 season.

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