Apps to quit: Best

Apps to quit smoking are a practical, comfortable and effective tool to forget the snuff and get healthy. Are many and powerful, reasons for quitting. A habit that will be much easier to leave if you count a little help.

Your smartphone can become your best ally for health care in many ways, and in this case, applications to quit smoking give you the extra motivation to finally say goodbye to snuff. Notes the best apps and its many features, customized for those who are determined to leave and those who just do it.

App Activestop of Nicorette

Nicorette Activestop is a free application that offers personalized tips and information. The app includes a program of online support of 12 weeks to quit smoking and plank tools to motivate the user in moments of relapse (remember the reasons why he decided to leave the snuff, entertaining games to reduce anxiety nicotine, motivational music playlist, calculating the money you save&# 8230;). It allows you to monitor progress

QuitNow app!

Quit in community with tips and messages of encouragement from others who managed to leave the snuff. QuitNow! It is one of my most popular quit smoking, available for iPhone and iPad, and it has more than two million users. A motivational app that includes information about the time that has passed since the last cigarette, the number of cigarettes they have stopped leaving your yellow fingers, the money you’re saving and changing how it improves your health.

Smoke Free App

An app to quit easy and comfortable to handle. Among the tools to motivate and not fall into the temptation of nicotine, including awards, goals and challenges that go fulfilling every day that do not smoke. The app provides data on the time you’ve been smoking, the money you’ve saved at that time or journal to record the times we’ve noticed more anxiety and how our body has reacted.

Quit Wizard

An app with quitting smoking will be easier. It includes monitoring progress, remember the benefits of quitting, and rewards to motivate a diary to monitor achievements.

Kwit quit

Kwit is an application that includes tips, techniques and tools based on games to motivate quitting time. It includes time statistics does not smoke or money you’ve saved or the number of cigarettes you have not smoked.

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