Argan oil hair: Properties and views

Argan oil: Properties for your hair. Want to know the reporting benefits argan oil in your hair? Then it listed.

Properties argan oil for your hair

The liquid gold of Morocco, and is known argan oil. This essence is extracted from kernels of the fruit by crushing and Argán have highly beneficial properties for your hair or, for example, your face. But, What are the properties of argan oil?

This has very similar to those of jojoba oil benefits. Among the most significant properties of argan is the ability to moisturizing your hair naturally. Get further remove the harshness of your hair in an effective manner and achieves also that your hair becomes more manageable, restoring its softness.

In addition, argan oil penetrates the hair pores By improving the elasticity of the hair and reveals himself as an excellent nutritional added for hair growth.

Another feature of argan oil that are worth noting natural antioxidant properties with which that contribute to your hair remedial action thanks to the cell membrane strengthens damaged hair.

We continue to look at the properties of argan oil talking about Vitamin E. This internal agent makes it an ideal treatment for your hair. Agents, for example, heat oxidize your hair. For this reason, the presence of vitamin E in argan oil is essential to renew and repair your hair.

Also, gold of Morocco contributes to block moisture and increase brightness, thanks to its anti-fat properties.

Finally, remember that among the properties of argan oil for your hair is the presence of Omega 3 and Omega 9. Both are a direct source of the essential components of nutrition for the pores of your hair and its roots. These unsaturated fatty acids reinforce the structures of the binding of proteins in the hair in order to optimize the strength of hair and healing split ends.

Applying argan oil

Not only is it important to use argan oil regularly to wear a hair ten it is also essential to know how to apply it properly. Argan oil can be applied before or after taking bath.

Before taking a bath you can see a little oil on the head. Spread it throughout the hair to expand properly from the ends to the roots of the hair. It then gives a gentle massage and rubbing the oil on the scalp.

Ayúdate a brush to uniformly distribute the oil. Let stand argan oil for about 15 or 20 minutes. Enguaja with water and shampoo. Repeat this once a week.

After taking a bath, with wet or dry hair you can apply some argan oil on the tips of hair and comb it as you always do.

Would you also know the properties of argan oil on your skin? Here we present them, without forgetting well as the benefits of other types of oils reported to your hair as it is, for example, coconut oil.

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