Axillary glands swell care if

Why should have watch out If the Axillary glands swell? lymph nodes located in the armpit are the axillary nodes. When glands that act as filters of the lymphatic system detects the presence of a virus or bacterium swell, especially the neck and groin area. The infections usually the most common cause of swollen lymph nodes. The lymphatic system runs throughout our body, not in vain we have approximately 600 glands, between 20 and 30 under the armpits, in the form of grain. Lymph nodes also serve another function, store white blood cells to fight infections.

Axillary glands are part of the lymphatic system and this, in turn, is an essential part of immune system. The most common areas where we can feel the lymph nodes are the groin, neck, behind the ears, under the jaw and armpit. Depending on your Location, vary both in form and size, considered normal lymph state when not exceed centimeter in diameter (up to 1.5 in the case of the groin). As we have noted, infections viral or bacterial usually the main cause of swollen glands. For example, pharyngitis can cause, among other symptoms, swollen glands in the neck. But it can also be caused by other more severe reasons, for example, a tumor.

Detect an enlarged gland, especially in the case of women noticing touch in the breast a small nodule, It is often synonymous with anxiety. In principle it does not have to be the announcement of a severe problem, since lymph nodes not only identify as dangerous external agents, but also internally, such as precancer. Axillary nodes, if they contain precancer, also they help determine the phase in which is breast cancer and, especially, if metastases and tumor has spread to other areas of the body.

Axillary Glands: Self-examination

How to perform self-examination axillary node? We holding the forearm, introduce the palm in the axilla. Describe circular motions with your fingers and palm, noting the central and lateral nodes.

other causes

The Waxing It can also cause swelling of the axillary glands due to a microscopic lesion, for example to remove a small piece of skin. Even other hair removal systems like razor can cause the same reaction.

When the glands are swollen and do not respond to treatment, and time appear reddened, it is important to see doctor for further testing and look for the real cause of inflammation.

Listen signals our body it is important to anticipate the diagnosis. Although not try to generate anxiety, but in the case of women and self-examination is important in doubt, consult a specialist, because the prevention It is the best weapon for early detection.

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