Books recommended to quit smoking

    Want to quit smoking? Notes the books recommended to quit smoking in whose pages you will find an extra motivation to definitely forget the snuff. The benefits of quitting are more than found, and indeed the first, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, it came just 20 minutes after the last cigarette. But quitting smoking is not always easy. Will and perseverance are key, two tools that learn to grow with the help of these self-help books and the reading can combine with some of the apps to quit snuff.

    &# 8216; It’s easy to quit smoking if you know how&# 8217 ;, of Allen Carr

    A book that has surpassed 53 editions and has been translated into numerous languages. Its author, Allen Carr, decided to share his Easyway method to leave the snuff with the least effort, without anxiety and weight gain without abandoning the nicotine. A simple method has become one of the most closely watched, and claims to have 90% success rate. It not for nothing is one of the methods endorsed by the European health authorities to stop smoking.

    &# 8216; The fast method to quit smoking&# 8217 ;, Simón Hergueta

    A book that includes tools and resources to achieve the goal of leaving the snuff forever. A simple method based on four rules to give up nicotine without returning to miss her. As recommended by the author, start reading this book from the very moment to take the decision to leave the snuff. His reading will be a good ally.

    &# 8216; Quitting Smoking for Dummies&# 8217 ;, Sally Lewis and David Brizer

    A guide to quit smoking, including strategies and tools to implement throughout the entire process and avoid the dreaded relapses. It includes tips on different techniques to quit smoking, nicotine replacement therapies and how to stay motivated.

    &8216; Fumabook&# 8217 ;, of P.M. Alles

    In book format and in digital format, Fumabook provides a new motivational tool to overcome fear and anxiety to quit smoking. As a complement to the book, you have the support of &8216; fumabook-group&8217; to help beat snuff through social networks.

    &# 8216; And one day I quit smoking&# 8217 ;, Ricardo Artola

    A book that reflects the experience of its author, Ricardo Artola, to teach leave the snuff. A book that gathers advice from other books by foreign authors to be prepared and avoid anxiety, mood swings or possible relapses.

    &# 8216; Coaching to quit&# 8217 ;, Joaquin Saint Aymour

    Quitting is possible, as says the author of this book collects the best psychological therapies to find motivation and internal resources to successfully quit snuff. Tips to improve themselves and self-control.

    &# 8216; A Year Without Smoking&# 8217 ;, Fernando Arronea

    A book written humorously and recounts the experience of a former smoker. Its author compiles the steps you took and his attempts to leave the snuff, methods that worked and those who did not. 11 failed attempts counted gracefully that will capture your attention from the first page.

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