Brain Tumor: recognize early symptoms

He brain tumor It is a type of Cancer including both primary brain tumors, ie, those that affect the central nervous system, such as those derived from metastases from other cancers body. Similarly, there are many forms of brain tumor, for example, gliomas, meningiomas, lymphomas or primitive, and not all are evil. According to the Association of People Affected by Brain Tumors, ASATE annually are diagnosed in our country around 3,500 cases of primary tumors and brain metastases 14,000.

What is it?

A brain tumor can be defined as a set of abnormal cells that develop in the brain or around it, destroying healthy cells or invading other parts of the brain. This can cause inflammation, cranial pressure Y cerebral edema. Depending on your location and the type of cells and growth, you can talk about different types of tumors.

Why brain tumors appear? There is no closed answer, but doctors and researchers point to genetic factors, ionizing radiation, certain viruses and chemicals.


Let’s see what the symptoms or signs we can alert you to the presence of a brain tumor. Yes, the symptoms should always be reported to the doctor to confirm or rule out the condition. That is, we should not autodiagnosticarnos, because that will only generate anxiety or worry before having a professional diagnosis. In fact, not always symptoms of a tumor are obvious, but can be hidden in its early stages, so it can actually be a sign of other health problems.

Brain tumor localization and its symptoms

Each area of ​​the brain controls specific body functions, so depending on the tumor location different symptoms (some, for example, debuting with the onset of epileptic seizures) may occur, especially due to the interruption of the functions of these areas. Thus, for example, we find the following symptom depending on the different locations:

  • frontal lobeWeakness, paralysis, confusion, mood disorder, hearing problems, memory, language comprehension problems and impaired perception of touch.
  • temporal lobe: Visual loss, hearing, memory, language, understanding and perception disorder space. Seizures may also occur.
  • Occipital lobeHallucinations, seizures and visual impairment.
  • parietal lobe: Paralysis, difficulty in more complex movements (writing, for example), seizures, impaired perception of touch.
  • Cerebellum: Problems with balance and coordination, precision movements difficulty, headache, nausea and vomiting.
  • When the tumor refers to brain lobes, they are four, must take into account the division into two halves of the brain. Each hemisphere, in fact, controls the opposite side of the body. When brain tumors are present the appearance of symptoms occurs in the contralateral body. This does not occur in tumors of the cerebellum.

Symptoms caused by the pressure of the tumor mass

All tumors tend to grow and spread surrounding tissues. Therefore, they can register related symptoms pressure malignant mass in neighboring structures (bones of the skull or the brain itself). This translates into a severe headache that can not be relieved with analgesics or anti-inflammatories or, convulsions, nausea, vomiting and vision problems can also occur.

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