Brazilian straightening: Last!

Brazilian straightening: The last! If you dream to have straight hair without frizz without a wave or curl, attentive to the latest technique for stretching the hair. Treatment less known than the Japanese straightening but it also offers great results without damaging the hair. But what exactly is the Brazilian straightening? How it is performed? How long does it last? I discovered all the secrets of this novel technique that will achieve be perfectly coiffed without having to spend hours with plates or the dryer.

Get effect straight hair very natural with the latest revolution in hair treatments: Brazilian straightening. One technique that costs between 120 and 300 euros and main ingredient used as the keratin with the purpose of hair straightening avoiding the effect choppy It horrifies us both. In addition, this treatment will get repair damaged hair, making it stronger, more brightness and avoiding split ends.

How the Brazilian straightening is done?

  • Wash hair with shampoo specifically so that it is completely clean and then keratin is applied from root to tip.
  • hair to remove all moisture is completely dry.
  • product is applied with keratin distributing it strand by strand.
  • He turns to dry hair, smoothing it with the iron.

After treatment lasting between two and three hours, it is important that in the next three days do not wash their hair, taking always loose and smooth. It may be a bit annoying these days because you can not wear it recogértelo or behind the ears because it could stay the brand. It is the main drawback of this technique, but compensated because after those days, you can show off straight hair four to six months depending on the care you take, since it is essential to wash shampoo with low PH.

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