Breast Cancer 5 symptoms that should not be underestimated

    Prevention is critical in everything related to the Health, playing an essential role in the fight against breast cancer, one of the most common cancers among women. Empt the diagnosis significantly increases the chances of successfully completing the treatment for this tumor, which has advanced greatly in recent years. Hence the importance of knowing and recognizing symptoms that can alert the presence of breast cancer. Here are the 5 signs you should not ignore.

    1. Nodules

    One of the signals more evident and that should not be underestimated at all are the nodules or bulges, which you can be discovered performing a simple breast self examination, preventive measure for the early detection of cancer. Nodules are noticeable to the touch.

    2. Changes in the nipple

    Among the abnormal signals also include alterations nipple, with the emergence of protrusions or recesses. Another symptom that should not be overlooked are possible leak one nipple. When produced in the two causes are usually hormonal type.

    3. Swelling and anomalies

    Another symptom that either goes unnoticed is the some swelling of the breasts or changes in the way and its size, which could be indicative of a malignant process. Attention should be paid to the swelling of nipples and adjacent areas near the armpit.

    4. irritation or redness

    Not all skin imperfections in the breasts should ring alarm bells, but if some changes, like a strange appearance orange peel, he redness abnormal, especially in the nipple area or irritation permanent skin.

    5. Pain

    He pain It is not one of the main symptoms associated with breast cancer in its early stages but it rather usually associated with hormonal cycles. However, if the pain is monitored intensively in the nipple and spreads the breast.

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