Cancer in Spain: Increased diagnoses in women

Cancer in Spain: Increased diagnoses in women. It is one of the conclusions of the report submitted by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology on the prevalence and incidence cancer in our country. In 2012 is expected to exceed the number diagnoses barrier of 208,000, and although the appearance of tumors remains more common among men (104,800 diagnoses), the incidence in women is getting closer (103,800 diagnoses expected this year). The most common, Colorectal cancer, prostate Y mom.

The figures They speak for themselves. Figures that remind us that we must not lower our guard to win the battle to cancer, a disease expected this year will exceed the 208,000 diagnoses in our country, which translates into an increase cases, but also, as underlined by doctors, in an increase survival thanks to constant advances investigation both medical diagnosis and treatment, with the emergence of new drugs and therapies.

Next February 4th is celebrated International Day against cancer. A date that doctors and associations of patients and cancer patients want to remind not only the importance of a early diagnostic, but the need to normalize disease and eradicate the fears that have so far accompanied the word cancer. Survive and win the battle is possible. Thus, on the occasion of the World Day, the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology has launched the campaign under the slogan How do you go yours? Mine is called cancer, in collaboration with the Spanish Group for Cancer Patients, the Federation of Associations of Journalists and the National Association of Health.

‘Forecasts oncologists also indicate that, although so far the cancer cases were more frequent in mens, the incidence in women continues to grow. In fact, according to data provided in the year 2006 16.000 cases were recorded in women less than expected this year. In addition, the most common among women breast cancer, is also the third tumor most commonly diagnosed in the general calculation, behind colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. Three cancers in which there has been an increase in diagnoses in recent years, as in the case of lung cancer, whose incidence is directly related to the habit of tobacco. On the opposite side, ie, in the case of diagnoses that they would have reduced cancer stomach.

Losing fear of cancer and, above all, know that you can win the battle in many cases it is the aim of another campaign, starring in this case nine famous faces and Madrid Institute of Oncology. ‘We can tell’ is the slogan of the campaign will be present at stations network meter Madrid, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, and which includes the testimony known faces that have stood up to the disease as Nuria Roca, Pedro Piqueras, Irma Soriano or Roberto Brasero.

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