Chicory: nutritional, cosmetic, beneficial and laxatives

    The chicory is a particularly beneficial to improve plant Health and the wellness. Known since ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian culture used both for their nutritional properties as therapeutic, to which must be added its cosmetic and laxative. Let’s look more closely at how we can help have on hand a few sprigs of radicchio.

    1. Nutritional Properties

    Chicory, nutritional chapter, is appreciated for its high content minerals, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, as well as vitamins (Especially of group A, B, C and K). Furthermore, chicory is rich in water, fiber, starch and cichoric acid, which gives its particular bitter taste.

    2. Cosmetic Properties

    The leaves and roots Chicory is used to prepare Face creams, as well as to combat skin redness. It is also beneficial to strengthen the hair. To soothe irritation of the skin and acne remedy, a natural remedy and home is to apply a compress soaked in infusion chicory.

    3. Healing Properties

    Chicory brings benefits to cardiovascular system, He is able to regulate heart rate. It is also beneficial in reducing certain types of inflammation, It is further indicated for those suffering from imbalances in the levels of glucose or cholesterol because it helps regulate naturally.

    4. laxative properties

    Chicory has purifying and detoxifying, It is effective laxative. Why it’s good ally for those who suffer from problems constipation, He is able to stimulate the activity of kidneys and liver. It is also useful if flatulences. A compendium of benefits that hide behind chicory.

    5. Contra

    Chicory is due avoid in cases of peptic ulcer or gastritis. Nor is it good to abuse their intake, as it may have just the undesired effect, as interfere with the ability of action of some medicines, such as used to lower blood pressure. It is always important to know both sides of the plants we eat.

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