Chinese suction cups against cellulite do they work?

Chinese cupping, therapy which comprises applying to the surface of the skin hollow spheres (glass, glass, clay, ceramic, bamboo and even plastic), to treat the symptoms of various ailments and conditions. Although generally placed on the back, they can also be applied to other body areas as arms and legs, being a technique which is considered especially beneficial for fight cellulite. In this case, it takes a Chinese massage cupping, previously applying skin oil to facilitate movement. Through massage it stimulates blood circulation and removing retained liquid is favored, while the skin is exfoliated and favors its aeration, reduces swelling and stretching muscles and tissues. It also provides a relaxing effect.

How to remove cellulite with suction cups

Combat cellulite, or unaesthetic orange peel, It is one of the benefits attributed to Chinese massage cupping, and we can also make easily at home with silicone suckers you can already find on the market. Massage cupping (cupping in English), whose constant application allows visible results in a short time, it helps restore firmness and tone areas fat accumulation, as thighs, buttocks or arms. To reaffirm the results should review some habits, adopting a healthy diet and physical exercise regularly. The anti-cellulite massage should be a snap to achieve the goal of eliminating cellulite.

The massage cupping is based on the vacuum effect, sucking a small patch of skin when placed on its surface. The massage is performed from bottom to top, smoothly. With more than 5 minutes in each zone it is sufficient. Massage should be repeated for 2-3 weeks in a row to get good results. If we do at home must take into account some precautions, as to avoid applying the suckers in areas or varicose veins. It is also not recommended for people with high blood pressure, diabetes or are taking anticoagulants.

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