Chocolatherapy: The pleasure of a sweet treatment [PHOTOS]

Chocolatherapy: pleasure sweet treatment. Conquer the palate of gourmands and return to your skin natural beauty. They are the sweetest properties of chocolate, a massage reponedor and one of the treatments most innovative spas, spas and beauty centers. The chocolaterapia is based on properties beneficial chocolate, rich in antioxidants and prolifenoles that, among others, help fight aging and moisturize and nourish our skin.

Chocolate, an ally of your heart, and your skin. At its unmistakable flavor that makes gourmands go crazy, they are now joined reparative, hydrating, toning and therapeutic properties cocoa and its seeds. rich in antioxidants Y you prolifenoles, It helps fight free radicals and improve blood circulation, among other benefits, which has become one of the star ingredients of the new therapies and reparative treatments. Spas and spas and beauty centers offer which is definitely the sweetest treatment. Irresistible!

Chocolate therapy involves applying facial and body massages. Massage with cocoa butter or cocoa nectar oil (depending on skin type and the body part you want to try) that brings us to our benefits Health and gives us a sense of wellness and tranquility. What more could you ask for?

Applying a mask Chocolate helps to moisturize and reduce the effects of stress and aging (wrinkles marked, for example). It provides elasticity to our skin and make it appear more smooth and soft.

And what about a bath of chocolate? Nothing better to raise the vitality, improve our mood and end the tensions accumulated fatigue and body wrapped in a layer of chocolate. Various therapies exist with cocoa as a star, as in this case the treatment consists principally of applying the chocolate mixture over the body and let it act by applying a gentle massage and enhancing its heat effect. Then revitalizing shower.

Best thing about this treatment is that not only beautifies our skin on the outside, also inside, thanks to its firming and antioxidant properties, which also makes the chocolate into an ally to remove stretch marks and to reduce cellulitis. And if you do not remember, chocolate has a property for many added, and it is one of the foods included in the list aphrodisiacs. Quite a treat for your body that can give you by prices ranging between 80 and 120 euros, depending on the treatment, sessions and centers.

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