COPD: Spirometry, key in diagnosis

COPD: Spirometry, key in diagnosis. Quick and easy proof to certify or reliably rule out the diagnosis of COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A medical pathology defined as silent, which can make it a severe enemy for our Health but it is diagnosed and treated. It is important not to confuse left by symptom as chronic cough or difficulties breathe, which we can be attributed erroneously to other health problems when in reality we are faced with COPD.

And to answer questions and have an accurate diagnosis, today we have a simple test, fast, painless and effective. It is spirometry, a test that doctors and specialists advocate making the entire population at risk for COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, especially Smoking Y former smokers over 40 years. Spirometry has become an essential tool for preventing a silent disease and, despite its increasing incidence, remains virtually unknown. In fact, some symptoms such as chronic cough or difficulty breathing are often confused with other problems, not giving them attention.

What exactly is spirometry? It’s as simple as taking air and expel through a nozzle which is connected to a tube (pneumotachograph), and measuring the volume of air which are capable of moving lungs. A simple test that can diagnose COPD and anticipate possible complications from symptoms such as severe breathing problems.

COPD: What we know about this disease

COPD is a respiratory disease characterized by obstruction of the bronchia and dyspnea or shortness of breath, coughing include, among its main symptoms, a expectoration regular and tendency to suffer repeatedly respiratory infections. COPD is a disease to which exposed, especially patients who smoke or have smoked, ie is directly related to exposure to smoke snuff. Therefore, the first rule to prevent This disease, which as discussed below may result in serious risks to our health is quit snuff. In fact, doctors estimate that snuff is behind nine out of ten cases of COPD.

COPD can be treated and its symptoms can be controlled, although it is a disease chronicle. If not diagnosed early, it can seriously impair quality of life patient because, among its consequences, is that of undermining the pulmonary function. Thus, among other complications which may have undiagnosed patients and therefore do not carry the correct treatment, are chronic bronchitis or emphysema pulmonary.

COPD is a disease whose incidence is growing concern. Indeed, forecasts of the World Health Organization, WHO, are not very hopeful because they estimate that by 2030 can become the third leading cause of death worldwide.

Treatment: Respiratory Therapy

Besides treatment pharmacological -and the immediate abandonment of tobacco, the General Council of Colleges of Physiotherapists of Spain advised that patients diagnosed with COPD receive treatment Respiratory physiotherapy. Thus, among the potential benefits they include physical therapy to improve the quality of life of patients by reducing relapses and exacerbations of this disease. Breathing techniques to teach or bronchial hygiene.

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