Drugs: What time taking them?

Drugs: What time taking them? It is not a minor issue, but quite the opposite, because we can not forget that the organism also has its schedule, ie works differently in the morning than at night. For this reason, among recommendations for the effective use of drugs, and to make treatments more effective, we can include taking medications at the right time. Let’s focus on drugs administered in some of pathologies more common, such as cholesterol, hypertension or rheumatic diseases.

Our body has its own schedule (biological rhythm), and symptom disease may vary throughout the day depending on the precisely biological rhythm, so taking the medicines at a certain time can make them more effective. Is the premise on which part chronopharmacology, a discipline that seeks to establish what is the most appropriate time of day to administer drugs, including common diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension or rheumatic diseases. In other words, it tata to determine which is the best time to take tablets and that they not only have more effective, but also help reduce side effects.

In the case of cholesterol, the most appropriate time, according to experts, to take statins -fármacos anticolesterol- is late late, since cholesterol synthesis occurs in night time, between midnight and four o’clock in the morning. If we take the pill late afternoon -a maximum effect within 2-3 hours after it was tomado- coincide in time with the production of cholesterol by the liver. Thus the effectiveness of statins will be greater if we take it at night rather than in the morning, when cholesterol has already been synthesized.

As regards the arterial hypertension, the levels They rise early in the morning -between 6 and 12 hours-, decreasing from the afternoon and reaching its lowest level at dawn. However, keep in mind that in some cases there is no voltage drop at night, so although the drugs have a duration of 24 hours is recommended to take a antihypertensive afternoon to avoid possible complications.

rheumatic diseases

As for the rheumatic diseases, While it should be noted symptoms, since they do not manifest themselves in the same time of day. Thus, for example, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis the symptom they usually appear early, so it is advisable to take the medication to mitigate the evening before waking in the morning. However, the most common symptoms of osteoarthritis they usually appear during the afternoon, so it is best to take the pills in the morning.

Taking medication an hour or another is important as we have seen, even more correctly follow indications of the doctor for administration. Indeed, failure to follow regarding schedules, dose and duration -the tendency to stop treatment when symptoms begin to subside and we believe that we are well- are some of the most common mistakes we make when medicate.

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