Endogenous depression: Is there a cure?

Endogenous depression: Is there a cure? It is estimated that 15% of the population suffers depression, disease melancholy or sadness. It is also estimated that women They are twice as likely to suffer depression, especially related to biological changes, including Premenstrual syndrome you can not only get accompanied by physical discomfort, mental well as crying, sadness or hierpsensibilidad. In 90% of cases, endogenous depression cure.

Depression occurs when the illness becomes sad and it makes us incapable think us in the future. Stress, Lifestyle, disappointments or heartbreak They can lead to a state of sadness or permanent melancholy. Depression can be endogenous or exogenous. The first is a depression biological, with a background hereditary and without any apparent reason the cause. Meanwhile, exogenous depression appears after a event existential hard. Men and women, as in other aspects of health, suffer depression reasons difentes. Women are more sensitive to affective frustrations and those related to the children, while men are the professionals and economic failures.

While it is true that stress, physical exhaustion and excessive responsibilities may be risk factor’s both at physical as mental, is not at least lead a life too monotonous and absent from news. Melancholy may appear and become permanent sadness or depression. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, depression, although it has a background genetic, It does not have to be inherited. In fact, odds would be between 25 and 40%.

Other typology difference between the depressions seasonal, with a higher prevalence in spring and affects mostly endogenous depressions; which they appear around half of life and, in the case of women, related to changes biological, period pregnancy and postpartum (usually occurs within two weeks of delivery) or menopause, among others.

Endogenous depressions require treatment with medicines and cured for approximately 90% of cases. Meanwhile, require exogenous psychotherapy (Sessions to consider and adopt rules of behavior beneficial to improve the depressed patient) and some medication. In any case it is advisable to take antidepressants without prescription medical or self-medication for insomnia, one of the symptom Common depression. If you are following a treatment involving antidepressants or anxiolytics You should not drink alcohol because diminish and block their action, besides producing harmful effects as mental dullness. The dose Medication, especially in the case of anxiolytics and drugs for sleep, It must be moderated by the doctor. Besides it is not advisable interrupt treating overnight.

depression symptoms

Among the most common symptoms, and can be indicators of entering into a depression, it is the decline frame of mind, insomnia, anxiety and difficulty enjoying the present and plan the future. Apathy may be accompanied by llontos or off and more negative behavior. Although insomnia, difficulties dormnir, sleep intermittent, to wake up early and anxious, appears in 90% of cases of depression, can also give the opposite effect, ie, the continuing need for sleep.

bipolar depression

It is the term that the psychiatrists They refer to depression and depressive alternating phases of profound decay with euphoric phases and overflowing vitality.

Although not always possible to avoid the obstacles and blows of life, if you can improve our optimism and our way of facing small setbacks, errors and difficulties of everyday life and that can undermine our mood. Rather than be discouraged, we must harness these situations and use them as experience.

How do you know if you have depression? [TEST]

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Do you get irritated easily?

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