feminine hygiene correct: What to do?

have a health problem in the intimate area It is not a question of health or age, as fungi, for example, may appear excessive moisture or a drop of defenses. In fact, according to medical data, 89% of adult women have had a vaginal infection throughout his life.

However, intimate hygiene plays a key role in prevention. Decreased vaginal flora may become more vulnerable to certain infections. To maintain the proper pH, should follow a few basic tips on personal hygiene:

  1. It is convenient to use neutral hygiene products, with a suitable pH to the area, and avoid overly aggressive solutions (gels perfumed bath, intimate deodorants&# 8230;).
  2. Showering daily and wash the outside of the vagina daily with mild soap, immediately afterwards to rinse and dry well.
  3. Should be avoided to use the scented towels, because they can alter the vaginal flora.
  4. Nor they are the recommended douching, because they can cause infections by altering the balance of organisms in the area. Furthermore, in the case of an infection and these washes can worsen the problem.
  5. Should be avoided, as far as possible, very tight garments (Jeans, thongs&# 8230;) and undergarments made from synthetic fabrics (better cotton) because they prevent oxygenation of the area and promote the occurrence of infections. Tight clothing, both inside and belts and pants, prevent proper ventilation and moisture absorption, which favors the proliferation of fungi.
  6. Underwear cotton transpiration does not alter the vaginal area. Also absorbs moisture better if tissues are natural.
  7. Underwear, better white, as colorful garments have passed a dyeing process and some dyes can cause irritation.
  8. During the rule, should change napkins and the tampons frequently (every 4-6 hours maximum). As for panty liners, it is not advisable to use them systematically and on a daily basis, only at times.
  9. When cleaning the vaginal area, it is convenient to do so long from front to back to avoid transferring germs from the anus to the vulva.
  10. If there is a problem dryness, It may be necessary to use a product that lubricate the area, as a vaginal moisturizer (you can buy at pharmacies), especially during intimate relationships.

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