Folliculitis after depilation Treatment for Boils

Why appears folliculitis after waxing?, What are your symptom, prevention Y remedies? Folliculitis is the inflammation follicle, or in other words, when the hair can not break the epidermis to leave and inflamed, with grain appearance which, if untreated, can lead to the appearance of a cyst. It can appear anywhere on the body, although it is more common in areas subject to waxing or shaving. Some people are more prone to suffer from this skin disorder, following some tips, We can help prevent.

Folliculitis is a skin disorder that often occurs after waxing. Cystic hair forms a grain that, by the presence of bacteria, can infect and even be painful, especially when located in sensitive areas like the groin. It is best not to squeeze the grain. In milder cases, it is best to let the hair itself out, while in the most complicated, it is advisable to consult the doctor to apply the most effective treatment (antibacterial ointment, etc.). The folliculitis in English or in the beard area it can be quite common. What are the symptoms and the most useful remedies to prevent folliculitis?

Folliculitis: Characteristics and symptoms

Folliculitis is a skin disease, which can affect any part of the body, especially the areas more frequently subjected to treatment to remove unwanted hair, such as legs, calves, thighs, English or armpits. It is a bacterial infection characterized by inflammation of the hair follicle, the bag containing the hair root. It can be a superficial and temporary condition, but can also be extended and complicated.

The most common symptoms are feeling itching and small injury in the affected area (pimples, pustules, ingrown hairs and stains), symptoms can become very annoying.

Folliculitis: Treatment and useful remedies

In the case of superficial folliculitis are the best remedies soothing herbs, with antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties, such as mallow, thyme, calendula, echinacea and bergamot. The advice is to use them as oils or prepared to apply compresses daily. If folliculitis is deep it is best to consult a doctor, because you have to properly treat the infection, in some cases being necessary to resort to antibiotics.

In both cases, whether folliculitis is superficial and deep, it is best to stay for a few weeks hair removal treatments, both waxing, razor, laser or electric epilators, to prevent folliculitis worse and let rest for our skin.

Folliculitis: home treatment and prevention

Prevention of folliculitis begins to pay more attention to the skin and apply a series of measures before and during the waxing or shaving. The exfoliation to remove dead cells and smooth the skin preventing the formation of ingrown hairs and secondly, the hydration to nourish the skin.

Moreover, to avoid the risk of infection, before and after depilation treatment, it is advisable clean Thoroughly razors, epilators hair removal and other devices.

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