Game dock or sexual roulette: Danger as a unique experience

Much has been said in these days of Game dock or sexual roulette. Widespread among younger through a WhatsApp video, this dangerous game (more than a game could be defined as sexual practice group), is on everyone’s lips, and not just because it happened so far or the nature of its content but by reflection which indirectly leads What is happening among young ?, what is the cause of such reckless behavior ?, is it possible that today, in a society information overload there is so much ignorance among teenagers regarding sex? These and other questions we wanted to give space in our magazine to the extent possible, shed some light on this thorny issue that affects us all.

What is the spring game

The video circulating on social networks, shows three young boys o17 about 16 years lying on the floor with his pants down, waiting for the moment the game starts. To the other side, three girls of the same age music begins expect to start the game. Each unprotected or previous stimulation, approaches each of the boys starting a penetration without condoms the duration of 30 seconds. As time passes the first round, They exchanged, as a roulette, and they are passed from boy to boy. The guy who ejaculates first loses. Win to endure more.

This video began circulating last summer 2016 and it appears to be filmed in an apartment Fuenlabrada, Madrid area. Among young people, they call the game the dock or sexual roulette and although still not considered a widespread practice among young locals, the Health authorities warn that we must be especially careful. In Madrid hospitals talking about a considerable increase in the number of cases of young pregnant minors in 2016. Although it is still difficult to determine whether this type of sexual practice is the main cause of this increase, warn that is increasing the percentage of young people with sexually transmitted diseases treated in hospitals, so it is important to draw attention and open a debate on the consequences of such behavior.

What risks and consequences associated spring game

For many and many young people may seem a harmless game, with which “simply” They are having fun, mistaking the meaning of sexual freedom situations that may even cause further trauma or psychological problems during adulthood.

The first consequence: Sexual Trauma

One of the problems of sexual learning of today’s youth is the stereotypic amount of exposure to sexual images and objectified about what it means sex. Through television, social networks or movies, they assume that sexual relations are limited penetration and do not necessarily need to have sex with people to whom you feel some sort of attraction (whether physical or emotional), but that is &# 8220; a form of entertainment&# 8221 ;. But what these young people have not learned, is that the fun does not imply stupefaction and submission to certain pre-established rules. Hence this sole game always accompanied with alcohol and, in the worst cases, drugs. Fun occurs at the time that people who have sex do completely freely and with respect for both participants.

Many experts express that is necessary to improve sex education for young people, for sexual freedom means respect for oneself and for the other. Such practices denigrating sexual freedom, transforming it into a misunderstanding debauchery by young people who can risking their sex not only in the present but also in the future.

Probably many who choose to participate in these games, do not always feel complete psychologically to do so. In fact, They need external stimulants such as alcohol or drugs “imagine” that they are faring well and feel euphoric. And is that the guilty feeling, You can get to invade after the game. In addition, start your sexual stage of this so frivolous, without feelings involved, it can lead to a future sexual life full of fears and traumas, that can generate depressive emotional states.

Second result: Sexually transmitted diseases

Authorities say the game is being practiced dock without any security. But even though it was done with a condom, for women it would be much more dangerous, because as they are rotating, they are coming into constant contact with vaginal secretions of others. So if any of them had a sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis, human papilloma virus (HPV) or other vaginal infections such as candidiasis, others would be exposed to a high risk of infection.

Being at the beginning of their sexual lives, teens often not regularly attend specialist doctor, do not undergo screening for sexually transmitted diseases and have full awareness of what a sexually transmitted disease can eventually lead. Likewise, Many teens do not know completely the ways that can transmit these diseases, and they believe that with a condom, with penetration without ejaculation or the simple touch no risk, when in fact, if they are running.

Third result: vaginal lacerations and ejaculation problems

Reified idea about sex, can do many young women believe inexperienced direct penetration is the only way to practice and that is the best way to start a sexual encounter. The spring game so, “forces” women to start directly penetrative intercourse, which it is totally counterproductive to the health of women. To be penetrated without any previous drive, it can produce vaginismus, ie, lacerations and wounds in the vagina, as is contracted at the time of penetration. This also provoke a severe pain immediately, it can affect sexual health of women in the medium and long term, preventing them from having sex in the future normally, because the vaginal wall is damaged. It can also cause infections and other gynecological problems that may be aggravated if not treated in time.

As for men, apart from an incorrect learning about what it means to have sex, physically it can affect them medium and long term erectile function. The fact that relations are thus trying to control ejaculation in an unsuitable environment for a healthy sexual relationship can cause them erection problems that will affect them in the future.

Fourth consequence: unwanted pregnancies

An adult from the sexual point of view, there would be no doubt about the high risk of unwanted pregnancy to which the spring game would expose us. However, some teens still do not understand the consequences of this, and think “nothing will happen” or what &# 8220; to me this can not happen”. The sense of invincibility combined with inadequate sex education and little support on these issues in the family, you can get them to practice the game without thinking about any consequences.

Health officials do not yet know whether the increase in teen pregnancies due to this type of sex play, but it is a fact that more and more young people coming to clinics with the frustration of having an unwanted pregnancy there. Some of them decide to abort, which could lead to future psychological problems of acceptance and guilt while others opting to stay with the child will face a number of social consequences that accompany them for the rest of their lives, both her and the father, if the young man responsible for the child because it is well known that in many cases raising young just one baby.

If you are reading this article and are a teenager, remember that a sexual game is not really a game, it is an adult sexual relationship in which there must be sufficient freedom to practice without jeopardizing your psychological, emotional and physical health. If you are a parent instead of one, do not be afraid to talk to him or her, to openly explain what it really means sex and widely warn of the consequences of such games. When it comes to our youth, we must be aware that adult society as something we are doing wrong, let us not blame each other &# 8220; is the parents’ fault&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; is the school that does not teach&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; are the technologies&# 8220 ;, reflect together on what are the values ​​we are transmitting to new generations and what example are we setting them, if we distracted in our own affairs, the spring game will be only one case among many.

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