Hair oil: The best of 2016 [PHOTOS]

Hair oil: The best of 2016. The hair oil has become a must have. Increasingly, women who use them to strengthen, nourish, shine and volume to your hair there. In the market there are several cosmetic companies that have their own hair oils, so you have a wide variety of products to choose from. When choosing a hair oil you should consider your hair type, needs and outcomes you want to achieve.

Hair oils have many benefits: They give volume to fine hair, nourish, moisturize hair, give shine, it disentangles&# 8230; If you have curly or wavy hair oils are essential for your hair. Anyway, anyone can use a hair oil. The oils can be applied before or after washing hair. If you want an extra shine you must apply after showering and if you want to moisturize and strengthen your hair you must apply before washing.

Many cosmetic and hair brands have seen the benefits of hair oils and have created specific products. Another option is to create our own oils at home. Validated oils are the essence of cedar, lavender, pink mosquea, thyme&# 8230; We recommend the use of Argan oil, one of the best oils for hair.What hair oils are the best? This very much depends on the tastes and hair of each person. One of the best hair oils Hair Color Oil is the extraordinary lives of L&# 8217; Oréal Paris, it is an oil that protects us from the sun and adds shine to the hair thanks to 6 different flower essence. Elixir with Argan Oil Frizz-Ease by John Frieda It is an oil that nourishes the hair and gives extra shine. If you want a no-rinse oil we recommend: Original oil cream Garnier Remedies Mitica Oliva, an oil cream for dry and sensitized hair.

As I said earlier, one of the best hair oil is argan. Spray product Maggiore Argan oil has been specially developed for excessively dry, dry and lifeless hair. For damaged and dry hair we have oil spray Fructis Garnier Nutri Repair 3 with three triple action light oils. For people with straight and spoiled by the use of hair dryers and irons have the Miraculous oil Garnier Fructis Hidra Liso. For fragile hair, we recommend the oil: Pantene Pro-V that are instantly absorbed, nurturing the fragile strands and protecting hair against breakage.

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