Hamamelis water: Origin, uses and benefits

¿Hamamelis? Who ever heard of this plant? The truth is that it is a little known plant, or at least, It is not so named as after so many that we use frequently. However, properties of hamamelis there are many. Y its uses are varied, from the application to the face to close the pores to use in the case of cuts during shaving. In this article we want to talk a little about this oriental plant and some of its most common uses, so that you too you benefit from their properties.

What is the witch hazel Hamamelis Hometown ?:

Hamamelis plant, which can be found easily at any herboristería, It comes from North America, Japan and China, where different species. In some countries also known as witch hazel.

Its leaves are of various types and flowers with a pleasant fragrance and yellow and orange colors are produced on leafless stems in winter. It is a beautiful ornamental plant but also its bark and extract of the plant is used for medicinal properties and certain products of beauty. Indian shamans used witch hazel plant for its ointments and attributed magical properties.

Currently, we can find witch hazel in different formats: dry to take tea, witch hazel extract and witch hazel, best known for external use, for its numerous properties leaves.

hamamelis water uses

Hamamelis water is obtained from the decoction of the leaves of the species Hamamelis virginiana, one of the species that comes from the temperate forests of the North American continent. This kind of witch hazel is similar to hazel bush, the settlers called &# 8220; witch hazel&8221;, precisely because the magic consideration that the Indian shamans gave the plant. Hamamelis water has numerous benefits. You count all

Witch hazel to soothe atopic dermatitis

Apply witch hazel to the affected area helping a gauze. In general, it serves to soothe any dermatitis, but is widely used to soothe diaper dermatitis occurs in babies.

Witch hazel for open pores

You can use witch hazel to close the pores. Mix it with wheat flour to form a smooth paste. Later, when the face is clean and nicely complement desmaquillado we apply on the area where we have open pores, mainly the nose. We let it act until the paste to dry and then remove it with warm water. We will do this 3 times a week.

Witch hazel as facial tonic

You can also use it as a facial tonic after your cleansing routine. Apply with a cotton ball or gauze over the face. Will help you remove grease, impurities and makeup.

tired legs, leg pain and poor circulation in the feet

Let us note for the less tired legs and improve circulation in general we perform rub with witch hazel. will decrease pain and swelling.

Witch hazel against dark circles and tired eyes

The witch hazel is very effective for puffy eyes and dark circles diminish. Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel eyes and lay on leave on for 5-10 minutes.

To disinfect cuts shave: witch hazel

Witch hazel helps stop the bleeding and to disinfect cutting. On the other hand, it will be effective to own small shaving cuts as it does not fit any court. Similarly as in the previous cases, apply with cotton hamamelis water.

Witch hazel to relieve hemorrhoids

Applied to the affected area with a cotton ball, it helps reduce inflammation, relieve itching and relieve the pain of hemorrhoids area.

For sunburn and insect bites

It also relieves sunburn and insect bites, own summer.

Preparing witch hazel

The find in stores cosmetics, but if you want to prepare it at home, you can make a infusion leaves of hamamelis leaving cook for 10 minutes and store in a glass bottle well filtered when cool. Keep it in the refrigerator or in a cool place to avoid losing their properties and last longer.

Benefits of taking hamamelis infusion

In addition to the uses of hamamelis water, hamamelis infusion also has multiple benefits:

  • As treatment in circulatory disorders, as it helps to contraction of blood vessels so favoring the flow of blood.
  • According to the above, it is especially important against varices since the resistance of the veins and capillaries is increased by the action of vitamin P.
  • On the other hand, it is very effective against diarrhea.
  • Solutions to problems hemorrhoids, phlebitis, bleeding and leg pain.

As you can see in this article, witch hazel has numerous utilities, and most of them related to problems arising from blood circulation.

What would be perfect is to make a lot of witch hazel and store in a place of the house so we can frequently used without having to do whenever we need it.

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