High Blood Pressure: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Symptoms of high blood pressure most effective and natural remedies. Developing high blood pressure is a common problem that can affect us all from time to time, especially in times of stress or as a result of care as even some medications can affect our bloodstream pressure. However, since it is a situation that can eventually damage the heart and determining the occurrence of various heart diseases, including myocardial infarction, it is kept under control, also with natural methods.

Contrary to what we usually think, not only the elderly can suffer from hypertension, also young, but often are not aware of not recognizing the symptom, so you do not control it. The causes of high blood pressure They can be varied. We begin, then, seeing the signs that can make us suspect that they have altered our blood pressure and how to measure it.

Symptoms and reference values ​​of blood pressure

More often than desired, we realize that we have high blood pressure until we submit a routine check which reveals the problem. Symptoms that can make us suspect the latent hypertension frequent headaches are included, sometimes associated with dizziness and nosebleeds, although often no obvious signs, especially when blood pressure is only slightly higher than normal. see these values. They are standard reference parameters, valid worldwide and for all age groups but, then, of course, will be the physician who set the degree or severity of the disease in relation to the specific characteristics of each.

  • Normal: Fewer than 120 maximum and less than 80 minimum.
  • The prehypertension : Between 120 and 139 the maximum or minimum between 80 and 89.
  • The hypertension grade I: Between 140 and 159 maximum or between 90 and 99, the minimum.
  • Grade II Hypertension: More than 160 the maximum or minimum of 100.

In the above table, the maximum is the systolic and minimal diastolic pressure. To lower blood pressure when values ​​are too high, before resorting to drugs (the famous pill pressure), we can also cater for remedies to lower high blood pressure natural, including the review of our feeding and follow a proper diet like the DASH diet.

Treatment of hypertension with the DASH diet

The DASH diet (Which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is specially designed for those who suffer from hypertension, and it is not at all difficult to follow. In practice, it is based on some simple key points, the first of them and most importantly, reducing daily sodium intake to 1,500 milligrams recommended. So, we should avoid canned food, smoked or prepared not use salt for cooking pasta or rice, or add on vegetables, meat or fish. In these cases, it is better to opt for herbs. It is also advisable to eat less, divide the calories throughout the day and in different meals, not skipping breakfast, and choose light dairy products, especially yogurt. Not to give up coffee, but only one or two cups a day. Always include food fruit, especially bananas, rich in potassium, but without exaggeration. Remember once again that it is better to try to eat little red meat -better white- and more fish. Eliminate sweets and sugary drinks will also reduce hypertension.

High blood pressure in the ambarazo can be unnerving, so you should not hesitate to ask your doctor.

Treatment of hypertension with natural remedies

Among the natural remedies to cure and reduce high blood pressure they are homeopathic. Let’s see the most used depending on the symptoms presented hypertension.

  • high blood pressure with headache and dizziness. The appropriate homeopathic remedy is Aconitum.
  • High blood pressure hot flushes. Glonoinum It is recommended for hypertensive crisis with throbbing headache and a feeling of heat in the head.
  • High blood pressure anxiety. Hypertensive crisis caused by anxiety or stress symptoms include palpitations, headache (feeling like a pressure cooker), the need to breathe deeply, greater appetite for sweet foods and sugar. Homeopaths recommend in this situation Argentum.

As for the medicinal herbs, including recommended the Hawthorn, often in combination with olive. And ancient remedies are really effective and garlic, the king of the table, of course, but also an extraordinary natural antibiotic. A head a day (even raw) can go very well for voltage regulation. The acupuncture It is also highly recommended to control blood pressure, as well as reflexology. In any case, you should always trust the professionals. One last tip: the infusion of hibiscus can be useful, if consumed regularly, against hypertension.

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