Home oil massage: how to make one anti-cellulite and draining

Home oil massage: how to make one anti-cellulite and draining. Take advantage of the upcoming holiday to look after your body a little. Who said what to do so you need to hire an esthetician? To eliminate stress and tension, for example, two hands and a good oil, you can calmly prepare at home are necessary. There are plenty of easy to find ingredients to prepare a homemade massage oil. Even these oils serve to combat cellulite through a simple massage.

Dedicate time to yourself is a key to achieving peace and serenity prerogative as well as a relaxed and well kept. A massage is perfect to fight stress and incidentally combat a problem that concerns us a lot: cellulite. So we can prepare DIY excellent massage oil with multiple functions such as anti-cellulite and draining. To start we must prepare the following ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, essential oils, glycerin and honey.

There are basically two types of oil, classified according to our needs. If you want to prepare an oil to keep it for some time, it is best to create a solid oil. Usually they made from shea butter and cocoa butter. To create a solid oil, coconut oil we need, it is very easy to find and has many cosmetic properties, then dissolve it in a water bath and add two tablespoons of honey mixed with olive oil and a few drops of essential oil. Mix well. When is cooked and add glycerin, which can be obtained safely at any pharmacy, then we must wait the entire mixture to cool and solidify.Then we put the solution in the refrigerator for a day. 24 hours solid oil is ready to use: one small amount grabs and slide on the skin making small circular movements.

To prepare instantly a massage oil, we simply need almond oil and aromatic essences. There are tons of medicinal essences available bases, made with herbs and other natural products and can choose according to your tastes in fragrance and cosmetic benefits.

And for the orange peel? Against the use of creams to combat cellulite, we have natural oils. A compound of essential oils oil draining and detoxifying acting eliminating toxins and assist with retention of excess liquid. For the oil to be effective you must make an anti-cellulite massage, consisting of a circular energy massage area, thus improving the appearance of the skin and from the first weeks notice the more toned and smooth. Among the most commonly used oils are the cypress, cinnamon, lemon, juniper and grapefruit. You must merge some of these oils with sweet almond oil and jojoba oil in a container or bottle dark colored (it remains better and lasts). You agitate to mix its contents. Apply the oil immediately after showering or add a few drops to your usual body moisturizer and performs a massage on the affected areas.

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