How to donate bone: Requirements and procedure

Being marrow donor is to become a superhero and that reality is very important to donate marrow to save the lives of people who are struggling to win the battle against cancer. Then We found the requirements to be a donor and how to do it easily.

Requirements to become marrow donor

Bone marrow is a type of tissue found within long bones and spinal cord. This type of tissue is rich in stem cells that are capable of producing white and red blood cells and therefore it is so important perform a transplant marrow to a leukemia patient.

Leukemia is a cancer that attacks bone marrow leaving her unable to produce such components that are necessary to live, why is it so important marrow donation, because the bone heals a person can generate this type of blood components in another and prevent cancer win the battle.

Marrow donor to be the only requirement is be between 18 and 55 years of age and not have suffered any serious illness of chronic type. Once the person has been determined to save lives, spends a interview with a specialist doctor explains all terms of the process. Subsequently, a routine blood test is performed to determine the genetic donor registration and thus contrast with international databases to find a compatible person you need a transplant.

Life-saving procedure

Once the unsung hero decides to help in their fight to a person anywhere in the world, he is extracted bone through a lumbar puncture. This is simply the practice of injection into the spine to extract the core.

Moreover, bone marrow recipient sanitized through chemotherapy or radiotherapy to kill cancer cells, after a reasonable time from the receipt of this treatment the patient is ready to continue the process.

In operation, process it is not painful healthy cells through the blood stream and inject them go alone to your destination natural and instinctive. Once achieved the goal and prevented the rejection, the patient wins the war against their enemy and They have a second chance to be happy.

The importance of donating bone

Donate bone is one of the acts more generous and essential currently it exists, it allows us to save the life of another person without any effort, that is making the world’s most expensive gift at a bargain cost. We donating bone can repaint a smile on the face of someone who deserves much and has fought hard to get. So you know there is no excuse, everyone must help in the fight against cancer.

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