How to know if you have vaginal candidiasis

Most of the women suffer at some point in their life a vaginal yeast infection, infection caused by a microorganism (Candida albicans) which, although often remain harmlessly in the gut or mouth, has the ability to invade the vaginal mucosa. Thrush can cause numerous inconvenience, so it is not difficult to identify. Discomfort such as irritation of the genital area, redness, itch or burning sensation.

Other symptoms that should not be underestimated are the appearance of a whitish discharge, clumpy, constant itching in the genital area and painful intimate partner. Although this infection is different from the urine, sometimes, by proximity, it affects the conduit which carries urine and causes discomfort when urinating.

Also keep in mind other factors that can promote the development of this fungus, such as diabetes, use of the pill, the use of soaps too strong or deodorants in the vaginal area, defective intimate hygiene, the use of antibiotics against bacteria (can make the fungus proliferates more easily) and humidity in the genital area to use too tight clothing or too long to wear the wet suit. When infection does not refer to the treatment, the doctor may recommend a flow analysis to rule that is resistant to the drug administered.

Candidiasis should be diagnosed and treated, so if it appears some symptom that makes us suspect the doctor should be consulted to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

Natural remedies to relieve symptoms

To relieve the most common symptoms that causes candidiasis can turn to natural remedies:

  1. Chamomile: Make a warm sitz bath with chamomile tea and calendula. Prepare it with 2 tablespoons of each herb per liter of water. It helps relieve itching and burning sensation.
  2. HamamelisIf inflammation test appears with a mixture of witch hazel, yarrow and mallow.
  3. Almonds oil: To mitigate irritation, almond oil mixture with a few drops of tea tree oil and applied to the area.

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