Human papilloma virus: cause of infections in the mouth?

Human papilloma virus: cause of infections in the mouth? So far, knew the risk This virus in developing female tumors, as the uterine cancer, however, recent studies Doctors warn of its close relationship with mouth infections throat, which would increase the risk of developing a tumor oral in mouth, larynx or pharynx. Data on prevalence This latter type of tumors have set alarm bells ringing among doctors and researchers, with an average survival of 7%.

The human papilloma virus is directly linked to cancer of the cervix, ie, until now we knew his role in the development of a type of female tumors directly related Health of the woman. However, recent medical studies conducted in the United States have stressed this virus to cause another problem health no less serious. It is, in this case, infections of the mouth and throat and caused by the same virus, are responsible for 7% of cancers cavity oral (including the larynx and pharynx). Although this type of disorders They are more frequent among mens (10%), women are not protected one hundred percent, since the prevalence would be around 3.6%.

To prevent cervical cancer, and currently a vaccine administered to all girls in adolescence. Now, with these new data, doctors and researchers warn of the importance of paying more attention to this virus and its implications other health disorders. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, has enjoyed the participation of more than 5,500 men and women aged between 14 and 69.

In addition to the presence of this virus, doctors say there are other factors risk, combined with the human papilloma certainly increase the chances of developing a tumor in the mouth or throat. Thus, the chances of getting such viruses increase in people more active on issues Couple relationships and those with habits unhealthy as snuff or excessive consumption alcohol. Indeed, the latter two risk factors are of greatest concern to physicians Spain, because in our country it has also detected an increase in oral infections. Hence the importance of knowing now whether vaccine that women are given to prevent cancer of the cervix could be effective in preventing other problems caused by the human papilloma virus.

The prevention It is the best tool to win the battle health problems. In the case of oral infections, it is recommended to pay attention to injury or small ulcers which sometimes are slow to heal or disappear. Oral health is a very important part to which we must not turn back.

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