I learned the Californian wicks at home step by step [PHOTOS]

California homemade wicks: How to make them. It is fashionable hairstyle. The Californian Wicks They consist of discolor the bottom of the hair, so it is clear that the part of the roots and get one Gradient effect. There are many celebrities who they have signed up to this style, which also is very comfortable, because it lasts long and does not need to go to the hairdresser often, as with other styles and dyes. If you want to look cool this summer, you’re on time, join the Californian wicks. We explain what you have to do to get a perfect hair without leaving home.

If you think it’s time to do something different to your hair but does not want a drastic change, Californian wicks are ideal. We’ll can do yourself at home and the results are spectacular.

Plus you get to be perfect and very trendy, Californian wicks are a very effective way to care for your hair in summer, because the products used do not act on the root, which is the one that suffers most of our hair at this station.

How to make homemade wicks California?

The only product you need is bleaching powder hair dye and a brush. Once successful, you just have to spend a few minutes to this procedure.

  • prepares bleaching following the instructions that accompany the product and fijándote warnings very well in there.
  • With a rubber band, hold the hair in a ponytail with hair to his forehead. How to collect hair is the same as if we had decided to cut hair layers.
  • Since we already have the product ready, we apply it on the tips of hair and leave it on for about twenty minutes.
  • Once past that time, we catch more product and apply the tips above, as two or three fingers and leave it on for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • So let up in the hair depending on how long have it. We must bear in mind that as we climb up on the hair should go subtracting time, so that in the last parts where we apply (which will also be the highest) the bleaching effect will be less and get a perfect gradient.
  • He application time Product also varies the tone of our hair, as the darkest need more time applying bleach and lighter colors are more easily discolor.

If you have dark blond hair you are an ideal candidate such wicks, although they are also valid for dark brown, like lead Rachel Bilson or Leighton Meester, two icons of style.

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