invisible friend: original gift ideas for less than 20 € [PHOTOS]

invisible friend: original gift ideas for less than 20 €. We’ve all ever played at this time to invisible friend, effectively fun while not having to buy gifts to all your friends or family because you make sure that everyone will have a detail these parties. In addition, it is becoming easier to draw, because it is often difficult to get all agree to choose the papers, so there are websites that make the draw automatically by simply getting into the e-mail of those involved. So, get ready to read our gift ideas.

If this year you’ve returned to play invisible friend and you have made as a stop 20 euros for these gifts and you are so lost that you consider impossible to find a good gift for less than the money, do not stress that we bring you a series of beauty items with which certain that you guess right while you do not spend a lot of money.

Either by engagement or a close friend, almost all women we like to give away products that help us feel more beautiful, and the good news is that many of these items cost less than the rate we have established, 20 euros:

  • If the friend who has touched an environmentalist and love these products, which in addition to feel beautiful, help the environment, your choice is a lipstick Ilia Beauty, that is organic and color also serves as balm for 20 euros.
  • Your insurance group is a viajera friend who always walks with suitcase up and down for pleasure or work. Therefore, the ideal gift is a Travel Kit with soap, body lotion, soap and even a flannel towel, as we proposed brand Cath Kidson by 14,80 euros, but you can find in many perfumeries and Sephora.
  • For one flirtatious friend who always like to wear the perfect makeup, the best idea is to buy an eyeliner and nail polish in the same tone, to take you in your bag and go always ideal, as signature Barry M for 7.40 euros.
  • But as this does not reach 20 euros that we set, you can complete it with an original eyelash curler to carry in your handbag brand Muji for 6 euros. Since we still some cash left over as before applying nail polish will have to limárselas, do it with this fun minilimas set Nail White for 3 euros.
  • Following nails, if your friend likes to change the color every day, maybe this set of nail polish shiny brand Bourjois composed of three tones for 12 euros.
  • We all have a friend that likes to put the touch estrambótico his look, and besides painted with trendy colors this New Year’s Eve, you can put the final point with this original false eyelashes fantasy with marine motifs Paperself for 14 euros.
  • Hello Kitty, sure you have a loving friend of the Japanese cat, so one of the most original gifts that you can make a case four eye shadows and gloss 3D, as well as a mirror, this fictional character that offers signature Deborah for 12 euros.
  • For one stressed friend for work, maybe a relaxing bath set with a natural lavender scented candle scented flower of the same signature Weleda for 13 euros, you get to relax and disconnect a little bit of their labor problems.
  • And finally, the friend who is always aware of the environment of the sites, smells, etc. it’s best to give him a burner essential oils Brand Apivita also helps the body and mood with more than 24 organic essential oils that meet the needs of body and spirit for 20 euros fair.

We hope these ideas have given you to give away in the invisible friend for less than 20 euros you have helped and can make the most original and perfect gift, giving beauty and health to your friends.

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