Japanese straightening step

How is the Japanese smoothing step? If you have wavy hair, curled or simply you’ve always wanted to have straight hair, this is your definitive treatment for a hair look in the purest oriental style. Japanese straightening technique is characterized by getting stretch our hair permanently by applying specific products getting desrizarlo hair and leave the extra-smooth as a table. Learn how it is done and say goodbye to plates.

He Japanese straightening It is a very suitable technique for women with curly or wavy hair who wish to have the straight hair. However, if you have hair choppy and just want to avoid this effect as unaesthetic, it’s best to try first with the Brazilian straightening based less aggressive for hair keratin.

Japanese smoothing step:

  • Before you realize it, it is essential that the hairdresser do a test hair dry.
  • Once analyzed and the type of hair straightening begin with.
  • hair, drying it with a towel to reexamine wet hair wet.
  • a specific product is applied strand by strand from root to tip to remove the curl and frizz hair and let sit for about 40 minutes or so.
  • the hair is rinsed with water, dried with a towel to remove excess moisture.
  • After hair with an ionic iron is smoothed. It is important that will be taking very fine strands so that all the hair is perfectly smooth.
  • Once all hair is smooth, a neutralizer product that left a while and then spent wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner applies specific.
  • Finally, the hair is rinsed and hair with an ionic dryer and List to show off smooth hair dries!

Japanese straightening technique can vary depending on the products used in the cosmetic center and as texture, thickness and length of your hair. Once done, you will need to tweak every 4 to 6 months (depending on what you grow hair) and let us return to the roots only as these grow naturally.

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