Keratin Smoothing: Advantages and disadvantages of treatment

Keratin Smoothing: Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment. Keratin smoothing treatment is one of more used by women around the world, when you look healthy, smooth and shiny hair, thanks to the large number of properties It is possessing this substance, which nourish the hair and care for a long period of time. But you need to have watch out chemicals we use or used in beauty salons on our hair, because it can end up in disaster and the hair much worse than before. We tell the advantages and disadvantages of using this technique smoothing.

Since arriving in our country, the treatment of Keratin smoothing or Brazilian straightening It is one of the most used by women who want to have straight hair and looking healthy constantly, especially recommended to prepare the hair for the summer.

This type of treatment can lead to some consequences of which we can repent for various reasons, such as incorrect use of the product, substances harmful health, or who have not properly followed the advice for proper application.

Depending on the price and location, the result can be completely different, And the price of such smoothing is usually around between 100 and 250 €, so if we offer treatment for much less, probably a fraud.

Keratin smoothing benefits:

  • It consists of a treatment nourishes hair from root to tip, giving a neat appearance and protected against external agents.
  • Its duration is depending on the care and the number of washes, including 4 and 6 months.
  • Each time you apply, the hair will be more nourished, so little by little we need fewer sessions.
  • Get eliminate up 80% Curl, thanks to its mixture of concentrated keratin, amino acids, Y vitamins B5 and E.

Keratin smoothing disadvantages:

  • his price. For many it may be close at hand, but others can not afford to spend much money on a whim.
  • It is indicated only for extremely manes curly, or too punished, because if not, we will not notice the effects, and we have to opt for the Japanese straightening, which can amount to some 600 €.
  • Some products contain keratin formalin, a compound of formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance by inhalation.
  • After treatment, we can not pick hair in at least one week, or dyes apply ourselves in a 15 days, because if you do you will lose the whole effect.

As all, this type of smoothing has its advantages and disadvantages. We told you we have now it’s up to you.

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