Kojic Acid: Benefits, Uses and better products [PHOTOS]

There are several active ingredients to eliminate or mitigate skin blemishes, but we are hearing a lot lately about Kojic acid. And this is natural base ingredient Important benefits and uses in the cosmetics industry, mainly for removing skin blemishes. But first, let’s start from the beginning.

What is Kojic Acid?

Kojic acid originates Japan and is achieved through fermentation generated by Aspergillus fungi related to the production of sake, wine traditional Japanese rice.

The reason why the cosmetic industry adds increasingly to Lightening creams and serums It is because it acts partially inhibiting tyrosinase, slowing the onset of eumelanin polymers. Often combined with Glycolic Acid, another potent depigmenting, thus achieving an effect of increased very effective action. It is typically used at doses in creams, gels and serums as 01.04% kojic acid dipalmitate.

Kojic Acid Uses

Besides being a effective depigmentation, It is used as an insecticide, antibiotic and even as food coloring. In the cosmetics industry it is used for treat skin blemishes in soaps, creams, serum, or for acne treatments, because of its antifungal and antibacterial action. It also increases the effect of exfoliating and antirust, so that softens the skin and helps mitigate lines.

To use a Kojic acid product with your prescription by a professional is recommended, preferably from dermatologist. Therefore, if you are interested, we recommend that you go to one or ask your doctor before applying. In addition, there is an ingredient that should be used for prolonged periods, therefore an appropriate professional should indicate whether it is appropriate or not for your skin type.

Acid benefits Kójiko

  • Despigmentante: Is a very effective natural depigmentation since it inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase regulating melamine. Improves the appearance of stains caused by hyperpigmentation such as pregnancy or sun spots, freckles and smoothes the skin and unifies the complexion. It is often used in creams areas face, neck and hands.
  • smoother skinAs we have said, it is usually combined with exfoliants to increase its effect and soften the skin.
  • antioxidant: kojic acid seems to have antioxidant and can block the effects of free radicals, thereby increasing it is beginning to use for mitigate wrinkles and the imperfections caused by acne.
  • Not irritating. Is generally less irritating than hydroquinone, the ingredient used to use before antimanchas in products and in some patients caused severe irritation. Yet in the very sensitive skin can cause redness, so it is always good to previously see a dermatologist who prescribed.
  • It is not photosensitive, ie not stain the skin if exposed to sunlight. But it is necessary to use Solar protection when treatment with kojic acid because by favoring the reduction of melamine, the skin loses its natural protection is used.

Precautions If you use Kojic Acid

Although not yet established side effects and contraindications, experts recommend some precautions:

  • Use with sunscreen. In the market and you can find some creams with Kojic acid include sunscreen, but if yours does not contain it, you need to use it with a higher rate than usual.
  • In sensitive and allergic skin it is not recommended to use products with kojic acid for extended periods since care must be taken not develop skin sensitivity product and dermatitis develops. If this is your case and dermatologist has prescribed you a cream with kojic acid, it is best to first do a test on the back of the wrist to make sure you are not allergic to this product.
  • Do not use if their concentration is greater than 4%. The recommended doses of kojic acid in cosmetics vary between 1-3%. If you recommend a product with a higher concentration, do not accept it, because research suggests that high concentrations of kojic acid can be harmful to your health.

Now, do not miss our photo gallery with the best anti stains Kojic acid products.

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