Ladillas: Symptoms and Treatment for Pubic Lice

Crabs or pubic lice are small six-legged insects that lay their eggs and infect the hair from the pubic area. Lice (Pthirus pubis) or &8216; crabs&8217; English, for its small crab-like appearance, they can also appear in the armpits or eyebrows.

The disease is spread by bodily contact or by sharing clothing, towels or clothes of a person who has lice or other objects like toilet seats. Like all ETS, require treatment to prevent symptoms worsen (severe itching, scratching lesions, for example). They are not only easy to spread, but by affecting the pubic area use condoms for contraception does not serve as a protective barrier.

Symptoms of pubic lice

From the time when the crabs are installed in the body, they will feed on blood. The first symptoms usually appear a few weeks after infection. The most common are:

  • Itching in the pubic hair which also worsens at night.
  • Skin lesions by scratching and pubic lice bites.
  • Presence of a small white insects in pubic hair, Nits and yellowish.
  • Change skin tone in the thighs (Blue-gray) for the bites.

How to treat pubic lice

  • To treat pubic lice doctor may prescribe a Specific shampoo containing permethrin, and will apply for 5 minutes on the area. The treatment is extended to the partner / sex partners.
  • After washing, remove nits with hair fine tooth brush. You can apply a few drops of vinegar to more easily break off.
  • In addition it must wash all clothing (including bedding and grooming) in hot water, as pubic lice can survive outside the human body between one and two days. Those clothes or objects that can not be washed can be sprayed with a specific aerosol or store in plastic bags tightly closed for two weeks.

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