Lymphatic Massage: Benefits and contraindications

The massage or lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage that slowly takes his hands and whose main benefit is to activate the lymph circulation, a whitish liquid flowing through our body, within the lymphatic vessels. In addition it improves immune system (Defenses). It is recommended in cases of fluid retention, swelling or edema. It can also be very effective in combating cellulite and prevent some skin disorders (Such as acne or rosacea). Let’s look more closely, what are the benefits of lymphatic massage and possible contraindications.

How to do it

He lymphatic massage We owe the marriage of Danish physiotherapist Emil Vodder and naturopathic Estrid Vodder, in the early 30s, after observing that patients suffering from chronic infections of the respiratory tract were very swollen lymph nodes in the neck. applying a lymph massage the results noted an improvement in patients. Lymphatic massage not only stimulates lymph circulation but prevents crud. This massage is done through circular movements practiced with fingers in lymph nodes (armpits, groin and neck). The massage starts from the neck, continuing to the ears, the center of the face and side areas of the head, and then moved to the body.


Lymphatic massage provides many health benefits, such as:

  • Help to fight cellulite and unsightly orange peel, especially in the early stages. Reduces ankle swelling and heaviness of legs and feet.
  • relieves Premenstrual syndrome and changes in typical humor.
  • reduces scars related to accumulation of interstitial fluid.
  • Helps Fight acne and rosacea (as combat the presence of interstitial fluid on the skin).


It is not recommended in cases of: heart or liver failure, kidney failure, phlebitis, asthma, acute bronchitis, recent thrombosis, cardiac edema, skin infections, bacterial infections, low blood pressure and hyperthyroidism.

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