Marquinha: Brazilian fashion that could cause skin cancer

Marquinha, the dangerous fashion coming from Brazil and that multiplies the risk of developing skin cancer from prolonged sun exposure. The more controversial trend is suntanned until the marks are clearly visible bikini, but with particularity, and that the shape of bikini skin markings tape after applying suntan lotion. This raises the already known as Marquinha fashion, and can seriously jeopardize the health of the skin.

Marquinha bikini

The prolonged sun exposure, and without proper protection, is the main risk factor for skin cancer and, specifically, the melanoma, the most severe (only in Spain, for example, are diagnosed each year 4,000 new cases of melanoma). In addition it should be noted that the skin is not only the largest organ of our body but has memory, so the burns from heat stroke or prolonged exposure to the sun can take its toll over the years. The best way to prevent is to properly protect the skin when we go to sunbathe and, above all, avoid the hours of greater intensity (the middle of the day). Recommendations in the case of Marquinha are violated, because the goal is to tan as possible and in the shortest time.

To do this, women who join this trend will not hesitate to take up you three hours a day lying in the sun under the direct action of ultraviolet rays, virtually unprotected, to get as much as possible highlight the difference between brand bikini and the rest of the skin. However, a deep tan is not always synonymous with beautiful and healthy. Tanning the skin without putting at risk is not only possible, but is the best advice to follow if we are to avoid increasing their vulnerability to developing problems such as skin cancer. There are fashions that, however much raze, should be avoided.

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