Melanoma: to recognize photos

although the melanoma is the skin cancer less frequent, it can be the most dangerous. In melanoma, as explained by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), tumor cells originate from melanocytes, constituting the main risk its ability to invade healthy tissue and distant organs.

According to medical data, each year are diagnosed in the world around 160,000 melanomas, figures in Spain are around 3,600 cases annually. It is a more frequent tumor among women, representing approximately 2.7% of female cancers. This particular form of cancer can affect any part of the body, but it is most common in the chest and back, in the case of men, and in the lower extremities in women.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

It is important to monitor the appearance of spots or moles on the skin, especially if they change shape, dimensions or color. In fact, if you suddenly change aspect should consult a doctor to rule out the possible presence of a melanoma. The symptom evident from this form of cancer are associated with changing color or size, with a tendency to uneven edges, asymmetries or nonuniform colors. Other symptoms to consider are the presence of blood, skin lesions or a different thickness of the pigmented area. for a accurate diagnosis The doctor will perform a biopsy test that can check for cancer cells.


He surgical treatment involves the removal of melanoma, operation may be accompanied by specific therapies, as radiotherapy, immunotherapy or chemotherapy, depending on the stage of the cancer. To determine the most appropriate treatment protocol, the doctor will analyze the place wherein the melanoma is present and its gravity, the possible metastasis, the degree of growth and overall health of the patient. He forecast, or the probability that the disease may recur over time depends mainly on the thickness of the melanoma and the presence of ulceration or metastasis. In any case, in Western countries more than 80% of patients who have surgically removed melanoma and intervened promptly with due care has high life expectancy. Melanoma survival is improving in recent years, thanks to therapies and especially to early diagnosis.

If we have a spot or mole that makes us suspicious, see a doctor, and as an aid, we invite you to view photos of the gallery to recognize them.

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