Menopause: How to prevent eye dryness

Menopause: How to prevent eye dryness. It’s one of the symptom more characteristic of menopause, Dry Eye, disorders caused by hormonal from the developmental stage. A nuisance that according to medical data, affects six out of ten women, just as dryness can also affect the skin. Dry eyes can be prevented or at least combat their symptoms. It is also important to pay attention to this problem, which can cause inflammation or damage cornea.

The hormonal changes of menopause are behind one of the symptoms, with hot flashes, more frequent in this stage. Eye dryness (dry eye) is not only annoying, but can cause pain and, if not treated properly, endanger the health of our eyes. The use of eyedrops, and a diet rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), are some of the tips we can take to prevent or combat symptoms such as itching, sensation of having a foreign object in the eye, fatigue, blurry vision, irritation, tearing at specific times or difficulty wearing contact lenses. Smoke, air conditioning or wind can be too upset when dry eye is suffering.

During menopause hormone decrease occurs, which also have a role in lubrication eye (tear production). When lubrication is lost, dryness appears, a symptom that can also affect skin in general. In fact, according to medical data, it is estimated that six out of ten women suffer from dry eye in menopause. A condition that may appear on the stage prior to menopause.

As explained from the General Council Opticians and Optometrists, when symptoms of dry eye can not refer, dry eye can lead to inflammation, redness, swelling and itching. We must pay attention because if not diagnosed and treated properly, it can endanger the health of the eyes, for example, by damaging the cornea. Difficulty producing tears also it increases the risks of infection eye, we can not forget that they are responsible for cleaning the eye and are a help, for example, when a foreign object is inserted into the eye.


The drops or eyedrops are two of the drugs most used to treat the symptoms of dry eye. Eyedrops are especially effective in helping to parpardeo. However, if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned, you should always consult your doctor, whether to corroborate Causes occurrence of the problem and to determine the most appropriate treatment.


The health of our eyes is in our hands. How? following a Healthy habits which will help us to care and slow, as in this case, their possible appearance. In addition to following a healthy, varied diet rich in essential fatty acids, environmental factors they play an important role. Thus, for example, it is important to maintain a temperature Y humidity suitable in enclosed spaces (home, car, workplace). To do this, we can use a humidifier or raise too much heat or air conditioning.

If you like to read, a healthy habit for memory, it is advisable to blink often. Same advice if you spend much time in front of the computer screen.

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