Menstruation after childbirth

The menses after childbirth It is an important time and the unknown subject at a time when our body is recovering from a rather ordinary situation such as childbirth and this will cause alterations.

Some doubt that we can arise:

  • When returns rule?
  • Will it change or be like before birth?
  • It took a long time without it is it normal?

Perhaps the most important question in this list is if I’ll have it regular or if I worry if I do not come, which is often called amenorrhea. To the giving birth, The hormones They require time to stabilize Just as the first rule is not equal in all women, her comeback after giving birth is different in a woman or another. One of the factors responsible for this difference is the lactation maternal and prolactin, a hormone which occurs to give the chest and which affects the ovulation. The rule may appear in a woman who has not breastfed or not breastfed he has a few weeks, while one that has breastfed usually appears after a two months ending breastfeeding.

After delivery, everything tends to restore normalcy: the uterus, he apararto female reproductive and the vulva They begin to reduce its volume and to contract to adopt its normal size and position in the body mother.

The first rule after delivery, if you are not alactando your baby, it takes several weeks to appear, you will usually be one more rule abundant and prolonged menstrual periods that you’ve had so far. Also, once you get your cycle, it is very likely to be irregular.

Keep in mind not to confuse the blood loss that occurs after birth with a ruler. That loss after childbirth can last for days and produced by the Recovery the uterus. It is easily recognizable by its color blood Red Fort, it will lose intensity to be in a secretion Brown.

Finally, and very important, although not have menstruation and lactation is considered a contraceptive method Natural known as LAM (Method Breastfeeding and Amenorrhea) method, it is not advisable to have intimate unprotected as ovulation may occur before menarche. Many cases of brothers who have recently arrived they gave entrusted by the lack of menstruation.

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