Natural Cortisone: A homeopathic remedy

The cortisone It consists of natural substances, which have the advantage of simulating effects of classical cortisone without risks for the body side. Thus, for example, cortisone, administered as a medicine, it is not advisable in the case of diabetes because it can cause increased levels of blood glucose. If we turn to the Natural medicine, to relieve symptoms of certain disorders, we must know exactly the benefits that accrue to us and how to use homeopathic remedies in this case to replace the classic cortisone.

homeopathic remedies

Among the applications homeopathic natural cortisone we find the black currant or Ribes Nigrum a natural anti-inflammatory which may occur in mother tincture or extract of the plant buds. Its properties are really effective and can stimulate the adrenal glands to counteract inflammation. The black currant is an alternative in cases of sore throat, conjunctivitis, allergies or rhinitis. Body against inflammation and as an alternative to classical cortisone, try pineapple juice mixed with black currant.

He licorice, from a bush, it has become defined by their potent anti-inflammatory properties, such as natural cortisone. Among its effects it is noted that there is antiallergic, exerts a soothing action in cases of gastritis problems or slow digestion, is expectorant (Recommended for respiratory disorders such as colds, or farintigitis riunitis). Its anti-inflammatory properties make it also advised to treat skin problems such as redness, acne, blemishes or apariciónde fungi. It also helps raise the tension.

Another natural substance to consider is the turmeric, whose effects are demonstrated. The medicinal plant par excellence, is rich in curcumin, an effective means to prevent and treat allergies active ingredient.

Not only have more natural alternatives to replace cortisone. Other, less well known, is the extract plant Cardiospermum halicacabum. It is a plant that grows mainly in India, Africa and South America. They attributed antiallergic and antiinflammatory effects. The plant extract can also be applied topically, for example, relieve itching and skin infections. It is also considered an excellent remedy in case of allergies and joint pain.


Homeopathic remedies as a substitute for cortisone can be a good alternative for treating ailments determine avoiding side effects, present in all medications. Similarly, these remedies can also be useful to combat weight gain, bloating, high blood pressure, stomach problems or irritability.

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