natural eye drops: Watch your eyes

natural eye drops: Watch your eyes. The collyrium is applied directly to the eye or aqueous liquid to relieve certain symptom or prevent eye problems as the dryness of the eyes, infections, redness or eyestrain. Although conventional eye drops we can find prepared in pharmacies, we also have the alternative of natural eye drops, prepared from herbs natural and plants and prepared as an infusion, they can be a good ally for the health of our eyes. Chamomile, rosemary or you are just some of the plants that can get interesting Benefits for its healing properties.

Eye disorders can range from a simple nuisance to a more severe problem such as conjunctivitis. Dryness, redness, lack of tears, difficulty reading or eyestrain are disorders very frequent, but who should pay attention, because our eyes are also one of the cornerstones of Health. Discomforts or symptoms that, in many cases, can be treated with eye drops, a liquid solution is applied directly to the eyes. In addition to apply as drops, We can also choose to wash our eyes with the solution (especially if we have prepared naturally) or apply a gauzes or compresses soaked in eye drops. One solution, the latter recommended by the appearance of eye bags. Bad habits (reading without enough light, too many hours in front of computer), smoke or lack of humidity, without forgetting the age and some drugs which can cause dry eyes are some of the most common causes of eye discomfort.

Eyedrops can find them directly prepared in pharmacies, but in addition to conventional eyedrops also opt for Natural medicine, ie eyedrops prepared herbal and plant. In any case, and despite the many recognized properties in plants such as chamomile to relieve symptoms such as swelling or redness of the eyes, it is appropriate Consult Always tell your doctor or pharmacist because if symptoms do not go away or discomfort could be caused by a more serious health problem.

Plants tired eyes, irritated and swollen

Among the natural remedies for our eyes, we can highlight the following plants:

  • ChamomileIt is one of the most natural and used remedies. Chamomile tea is good for eye inflammation problems. It is applied cold.
  • Rosemary: It is recommended for relieving symptoms of conjunctivitis plant.
  • Mallow: Indicated for the treatment of eye irritation.
  • euphrasy: Some consider it the sole of the eyes, and antiseptic properties.
  • Plantain: Good for the treatment of conjunctivitis, tired eyes bloodshot.
  • Alcachofera: The artichoke is good to strengthen eyes and prevent dryness.
  • Tea: An infusion of tea is advisable to reduce inflammation and help the eyes to rest.

Another natural remedy is the cucumber, which helps relax the eyes tired. In fact, cucumber is widely used in beauty treatments and to lower the swelling after a long day. And by the way, grapes are a potent antioxidant to care for view.

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