natural remedies to quit smoking and not gain weight

Quit smoking and not gain weight, it’s possible? Yes, and we tell you what are the best natural remedies to get. Questions Health, It is always a good time to quit the tobacco. If you need a little help, here are some tips and solutions that will prove practical and easy to apply. You dare?

How many times have you thought about quitting? Leaving the snuff, according to medical data, reduce up to 50% the chances of getting a coronary heart disease. And it’s just one of the many benefits it will bring us to abandon a habit especially harmful to health. However, there is an argument that on more than one occasion, smokers serves as an excuse not leave the snuff, and is the fear of gaining weight. Nor is it an excuse. On average they earn about 2-3 kilos -consequence to replace snuff for food to appease the anxiety, and there are remedies and natural solutions to prevent it. Let’s see what are effective.

Quit smoking home remedies

If you are looking for an effective remedy and natural, to help give up smoking, Here are some that will help you:

  • Oat extract antianxiety: Quitting smoking can cause anxiety, increased irritability, moodiness, nervousness, and even heart palpitations. To combat these symptoms take oat extract a herbal preparation which is obtained by mixing 25 drops of oat extract in a glass of water. Take it three times a day.
  • Orange blossom: Infusions of orange blossom, combined with oat extract, are also a good solution to apply the restlessness which can to assault from hours to avoid falling into pecking.
  • alga fucus: Nicotine, among other effects, stimulates bowel movements, reason to quit episodes may appear constipation. Fucus, thanks to its fiber content and iodine, prevents constipation and also controls appetite and speeds up metabolism. Take it infused before the midday meal, prepared with equal parts birch leaves Y ortosifón, two detoxifying plants. If you have thyroid problems, it is advisable to replace the alga fucus for marshmallow root and buckthorn.
  • Sundew cough: By quitting you may have cough and even appears mucus in the chest. They are common symptoms of the regeneration process of the lungs. To combat adds syrup sundew to infusions and yogurt. To prepare a syrup Drosera, ten grams of Drosera mixture in 750 ml of water, along with thyme, mallow, fennel and pulmonary. After ten minutes of preparation, filter and reheated by adding 300 grams of eucalyptus honey. Remove when acquires a syrup texture.
  • Hibiscus and rosehip: Withdrawal of snuff can impair our ability to concentrate. To avoid this, try an infusion of rosehip with hibiscus flower and rooibos. This preparation also helps soften throat.
  • Tryptophan capsules: You can find them in drugstores. They are effective because they stimulate production serotonin, hormone being and relationship. It also helps to avoid nervousness and temptation for sweet foods.

Quit smoking without gaining weight: tips

To quit smoking does not result in more kilos It is advisable to avoid sugar, sweet and the refined foods, because they can cause spikes glucose, which favors the appearance of flab. If you have the urge to eat something sweet, try a yogurt, fresh fruit.

smoking also increases metabolism, so it is normal to leave burn fewer calories. To compensate, beam five meals a day Three major and two tentempiés- and more exercise.

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